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DIY Glittered Jars

Last year I wrote this up for a guest post and figured you'd all love to do this fast and easy craft … {Continue Reading}

Easy Fall Table Centerpiece |

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DIY Glittered Jars

Last year I wrote this up for a guest post and figured you’d all love to do this fast and easy craft too!

DIY Glittered Jars are perfect for fall decorating and besides…… it’s GLITTER! I posted about using these for my fall table decor last year.

I’m into simple and easy! I love a good craft that looks great, but didn’t take a ton of skill to complete. I also don’t like to read instructions, which could explain why I have so many craft fails.

DIY Glittered Jars for Fall Decorating

Save your jars people! I know they look ugly when there is still food inside and labels on them, but trust me, once you wash them out, get rid of the labels…… you’ll be surprised by how cute some of them are!

I have finally have my husband asking me if I need a jar before he recycles them. The answer is YES….. Yes, I want the jar! Always!

diy glittered jars |

It’s all about glitter lately, especially gold. I haven’t embraced the gold trend in home decorating again…..not just yet, but I am trying to incorporate it in small ways and gold glitter is perfect for that. I already rode that gold trend once.

In our home, we need a fairly simple table centerpiece since we use our dining room table for dinner each night and for the occasional homework table. As much as I’d love to keep something more elaborate up, it’s just not functional since it needs to be easy to move. These glittered jars make the perfect Easy Fall Table Centerpiece. It’s simple, festive and easy to move when needed.

Let’s make some jars!

How to Make DIY Glittered Jars


DIY Glittered Jars |How to Glitter Jars |


Gather your supplies:

  • Mod Podge
  • Jars (any glass decorative item will work)
  • glitter
  • foam brushes
  • Painters tape
  • Glitter tray or paper towelsHow to make Glittered Jars DIY  |
  1. Mask off your design. The non taped areas will be glittered
  2. Apply Mod Podge to your jar
  3. Holding the jar over your tray or paper towels, generously apply glitter, gently tap so the loose glitter will fall.
  4. Let dry for at least 4 hours
  5. Using a soft bristle brush, you can brush off any remaining glitter where it’s not supposed to be.


Glittered Jar Table Centerpiece


Because the tops looked a bit shabby, so I tied ribbon around the top.  I’ll add non-flammable candles or tea lights inside the jars. I love them!

Easy Fall Table Centerpiece |

What do you think?


Want to pin it for later?  Pin this photo below.

DIY Glittered Jars |


Clean it up!

Remember a bit ago when I posted about how I clean and deodorize my microwave? Well I put together a full collection on Hometalk of their best Microwave cleaning solutions. I love seeing all the different suggestions and learning what works best for different people.

Clean it Up! 8 Effortless Microwave Cleaning Tips


Clean it up! |

I just love Hometalk. If you’ve got a home issue, you are bound to find a solution there. I post over there occasionally. Feel free to follow me.


While were cleaning up. I also found Natural Ways to Deodorize your Home! Non-toxic! Natural Ways to Deodorize Your Home

These always come in handy, especially when we’re looking ahead to having house guests for the holidays.

What’s your go to product for cleaning?