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How to Add Your Link to Get Your Craft on Tuesday

How to link up

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Hi there! My name is Amy Lynn Andrews. I’ve poked around Today’s Creative Blog enough to know I am surrounded by true creative genius.

I can’t say crafting is my forte, but ask me about HTML, RSS, FTP and any other blogging-related (confusing) acronymn and I get all fired up!

The goal of this new series is to share quick and easy blogging tips that (I hope) will make blogging more efficient so you can concentrate on what you do best: creating!

First up is a video tutorial explaining how to add your link to Get Your Craft on Tuesday. Many of you already have this tip down pat, but Kim gets a lot of emails from people who haven’t been able to make it work, so I hope this helps!

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.


  1. says

    Good day to you Kim and Amy! Loved Amy’s tutorial…but where, oh where, on the site can I link up my blog to Get your Craft on Tuesday?


  2. Sheila says

    This video is perfect! I remember things well when I watch it being done. Thanks for making this Amy and sharing it.

  3. EstrellitaByMama says

    Awesoooome,,thanks girls. Amy you are fantastic. Kim thanks for creating such a creative blog

  4. Jess Green says

    Great video – really helpful, I am new to blogging and linking up and it is really clear now.