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ARt for kids!

I’m for anything that gets my son away from his Play Station.  He loves art, so I keep a lot of art supplies around for him to get messy with.

Gail with That Artist Woman is an artist, an art teacher………an art teacher I wish worked in my son’s school.  I was lost in her site, going from one project to the next.  I am convinced with her tutorials that I can complete 90% of these at home with my son.  Some of her techniques will give you that “AHA!” feeling.  What I love the most, are these projects look good enough to place on your wall……well we place all our little darlings stuff up, but it’s not always pretty right?   There I said it……just don’t tell my son.  And before

Using a few materials and lots of paint, you can create some pretty cool flowers.  I’m thinking this may be a great project for our playroom wall.  Who cares if he’s 11.  I think it’s perfect.imageSee the fibers in the middle?  She’ll show you how……image It’s gonna look messy………and you know what?  It’s OK!  You can clean your house any ole day…….but a child’s imagination is more important.

image image I cannot wait to try this idea!  It’s a glue batik.  This is SO up my alley.  I love how she has clear tutorials on how to make all her art projects.image I’m sure it’s so hard for teachers to come up with original ideas for holiday gifts for the children to make.  I’m lucky that my son’s teacher is crafty.

This below is a cool gift for Mothers Day.image A Mother’s Day Diorama.  So cool.  I can also think of many other themes to try with this.  image  This one scares me a bit…..not in a creepy way…..but a complex way.  It’s an Advent Calendar.  So cool.  I’d have to start now to have it done by Christmas.  But seriously, you could use this for anything.  It’s amazing.image What kid doesn’t like making crazy looking characters?  I’m telling you…….those kids in her school are blessed to have her.image I can’t wait to try some of these projects.  Either can my son.