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Beneath My Heart

I hate to do this to you, but I found another blogger who is so talented….you just want to hate her, but you can’t because she is sweet as the peaches in Georgia.

Beneath My Heart

What I love about Traci’s blog is how she has made her home look like a page out of the Ballards Design catalog, on a shoe string budget.  She finds inspiration photos and strives to make her own version on a do-able budget.  We usually appreciate it more when we do that anyway, don’t we?

If her sweet personality and crafty talents aren’t enough to make you green with envy…….just take a look at her freezer.  Please Traci….tell me this is an extra freezer you never use…..that freezer is WAY too clean.  IMG_4379_thumb[5]Wait…are those peanut butter balls?  peanut butter recipesOh my heavens!  They are!!!   I have never seen so many peanut butter balls in one place.  I want one…..NOW!  (love the Southern Living at HOME hurricane…..I have one of those)IMG_4389_thumb[2]Because she organized with a clean freezer and all…….she’s already got a head start on her Christmas decorating.  stockings christmas These stocking holders have got to be the most adorable things I’ve seen.  She has a tutorial!!!  TUTORIAL!IMG_4390_thumb[2]IMG_4368_thumb[2]

And I think I can totally do this.  I have mod podge.  She’ll show you step by step on her site.  And while you’ve got the mod podge out, you may as well follow her tutorial for these fun coasters. She listed these on one of my Get Your Craft On Tuesdays.  IMG_4110_thumb[3]IMG_4082_thumb[4]Fun and easy gifts for family and friends.IMG_4106_thumb[2]As I was saying…….she finds an idea she wants in a fancy magazine, and decides to copy it……..her way.  She found this table…….and I’m tellin ladies, these tables are all over Craigs list just dying to be painted. table 002_thumb[2] Why spend $3000 or more on a new dining room set when you can pick up one with character, paint it and have it look like THIS!  She also gives lot of painting tips if you’re nervous. black table 001_thumb[6]Another great find…..she found these chairs at her local Goodwill.  Pretty ugly…..most of us would just walk on by….March 2009 162_thumb[11]    But look at these babies now.  Nice job.     chairs 019_thumbCan you handle another chair re-do?  Of course you can…….you’re TCB readers.  And besides……’s burlap.  I love it……but I do wonder if it’s itchy.  Ah….who cares. It’s cute.burlap chairAnd it used to look like this.  Holy cow!  I’ll sit on the burlap.IMG_3128_thumb2While I’m obsessing over burlap, I may as well show you what else I found….Burlap AND a monogram…….Oh my stars…..just put a topiary next to it and I may pee my pants.  I love this stool.IMG_2071_thumb[3]She made a few of these memo magnet boards for her Etsy shop.  Cute. burlap decorGosh there’s just so much I want to show you………….like her darling kitchen remodel.

BEFORE……IMG_4210_thumb[6]AFTER!  It doesn’t even look like the same place.  (I have those candle sticks, but in white)IMG_4217_thumb[3] Here’s another shot of her kitchen.  So dang cute.  ( I have that rug)kitchen makeover Oh wait…….one more thing….are you still with me?  She shows a step by step tutorial on how she made a slip cover for her chair out of a drop cloth. She also made some curtains.  slipcover  A drop cloth people………she’s brilliant.  IMG_2940_thumb8      Go give Traci a big TCB nudge and tell her how great she is.  If you don’t already know about her, you’ll be happy you found her.

OK, OK…..I’ve got to go pick up my son……I’d love to sit here with you all day, but it’s time to be a mommy.

One more thing…..Still looking for that perfect Christmas Card design?  Try Beth from Summer’s Camp.  She made mine last year.  She’s amazing.  (that’s my darling son, I must go pick up at his friends house.  I’m sure he won’t mind if I’m 5 min late.KDsample_ScrappyChristmas4