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Prevent Moldy Berries – Berry Tips

Looking for berry tips?  I’ve got a couple for you!  We live in berry heaven and right now the wild blackberries are ripe and bursting.  The thing that annoys me about berries, is……….they mold so fast!

How to Wash Blackberries

With a little research earlier this summer, I learned how to wash blackberries, and all other berries with a rinsing method that helps keep mold away. This keeps berries fresher, longer! What’s not to love?

Prevent Berries from Molding

Washing Berries

  • Fill your bucket or large bowl with a 1:3 ratio of white vinegar and water. (example: 1 cup white vinegar, 3 cups water)
  • Gently swirl berries around in your solution to loosen debris.
  • Drain into your colander and rinse with fresh water.

Drying Berries

  • With blackberries & raspberries, I lay them out onto paper towels to air dry.
  • Strawberries & blueberries (berries that aren’t so fragile), line the bottom of your salad spinner with paper towels, and spin. Lay out onto paper towels to continue drying


How to freeze berries

Freezing Berries

Freezing berries for winter is the best treat ever come January. I try to freeze a variety of berries for smoothies. To avoid all your berries freezing together in one big clump, try this method for frozen loose berries.

After washing and drying your berries, place them on a cookie sheet or pizza pan.  Place into your freezer where they can lay flat.  Freeze for 20-50 min, then transfer to your freezer ziploc bags or containers.  I always use a sharpie to write the date picked.

Come winter, you’ll have fresh berries for pancakes, smoothies, pie……..

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a few Blackberry recipes that we enjoy. I’ll also be having a Ebates Fall Cooking live chat at 9pm est. (Thursday)

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  1. says

    The vinegar really does work wonders! It’s great to get rid of all the yuck on the berries too. I just need to get myself to the farmer’s market to buy up a bunch more to freeze since my kids keeping eating them up too quickly.