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Blogger SEO

In my last post I was singing the praises of my new friend Dennis! Dennis the SEO God.

Dennis teaches GREAT Blogger SEO (search engine optimization) classes at blogging conferences.  If you’re not a blogger, then you probably won’t care much about today’s post.  But perhaps you want to see a bit of the work we bloggers do behind the scenes.


the next corner

Dennis is sharing his Slide Deck from the class he taught at EVO12,   I am trying to twist his arm into guest posting on TCB with simple & effective SEO guidelines.

Dennis is fun, personable and loved by all bloggers. (his wife loves him too)  As you can see, he’s pretty shy. (photo credit)

SEO tips for bloggers

I asked if it was OK to share his slide deck with people who hadn’t gone to EVO12 and of course he said yes……..because he’s so generous.

So if you’re struggling to increase your traffic, readership, or just become a better online writer……’ll love his tips. The Next Corner SEO tips

As you can see, his classes are packed! (photo credit)