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Blogging friends!


Way back in May when I spoke at Bloggy Boot Camp, one of the gals I met was Adrian.  We were sitting next to each other at dinner and had a great time.  Then she showed up at the Utah GNO at The Blue Lemon when I was there.  Sweet doesn’t come close to describing her.  As we’re catching up, talking about how I missed the EVO conference….she hands me a box with a Lisa Leonard card on top……I screamed like a girl getting engaged!  She gave me one of the necklaces that everyone at EVO received.  She asked for an extra one from Jyl.  SWEET!  I love it!  It’s thoughtful people like her that make me realize how much blogging has brought to my life.   If you look close you can see the necklace….you can probably also see my neck wrinkles….but who cares, right?  imageAdrian with Adrian’s Crazy Life is a stamper with Stampin Up. She also does Pampered Chef. She should really show more of her work on her blog, because I really enjoyed seeing her cards recently. imageI need to make a few cards………we have SO many August birthdays.image  She’s got more creative goodness up her sleeve…..She’s just shy giving it up.

How cute is this kitty?  Mmmm, bread!  I love bread….even if it’s shaped like a kitty….spread a little butter and strawberry jam on that baby……can you tell I’m on a restricted carb diet plan?  So much fun.image

Head on over and get to know Adrian. She’s a great online friend……chances are, you’ll meet her one day.

Have a great weekend!  Thanks for joining my feed.  I only need 53 more until I hit 10,000.