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Cameo Silhouette Debut!

Sometimes craft companies think I’m crafty because I have this blog.  And honestly, I used to think so too…….up until I started writing this blog and saw just what crafty really is.  Everyday you all amaze me with your talents.  You do.

So when a craft company comes along and wants to offer my readers a special promotion code on a machine I know they’ll LOVE, I am all over it!

Silhouette is debuting their latest cutting machine THIS WEEK!  This one is 12×12……..which means BIGGER! 


The possibilities are endless with this tool.  Whether it’s making cards, scrapbooking, making 3d paper shapes, etc…. One of my favorite things to do with it, is cut vinyl!

Since I’m not THAT crafty, I needed a project I knew I could do.  I wanted something with vinyl and something festive for Halloween.

I looked through my Silhouette shop and library and found the perfect items to place on my beloved white pumpkins.

I love how they turned out.   And if I can do it………then you definitely can too. After Halloween, I’ll peel away the vinyl and use them for Thanksgiving.

I’m thinking you should order this baby while it’s in stock…… supply..……and just say it’s your Christmas gift.

You know you’re going to tell him what to get you anyway, right?  You could even have it sent to his office so he can keep it safe til Christmas.  Don’t forget to enter my special promo code: TCB at checkout so you’ll get the $299 price.


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  1. says

    I gave Conrad a hard time when they first announced this to us. I FINALLY get the SD that I waited so long for and what does Silhouette do? Comes out with a new one. Their killing me! I will get my hands on one of these babies – soon! I’m dying to try that ink transfer. Hope you are doing well! ;)

  2. nik says

    Your pumpkins are perfect…simple, fun, worthy of any respectable haunted house. ;)
    Crafty is as crafty does…you are truly creative if you are making something that expresses who you are and what you love, whether it’s pretty pumpkins or elegant embroidery or delicious desserts.
    And comparing your creativity to others’ is like comparing your eye color or your taste in music or your favorite color to theirs…you can’t, it’s not better or worse. It’s who you are and that makes it good and true. :)