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Coffee Filter Wreath

Over the weekend I stumbled across

The Pleasure of Homemaking. I am mostly excited for her coffee filter wreath tutorial!


I was wondering how in the world had I missed this blog…..I thought I must have already featured it…….I remember featuring someone who used plates in their garden……..then I see her signature.  Manuela…….seriously….how many Manuela’s can there possibly be?  I featured a gal with that name………I remember a gal being a regular commenter with that name.  I kept searching my past features and nothing was coming up……then I found it….But the blog name was different……….Dazed and confused, I emailed her.  She verified that I wasn’t crazy……..did you all hear that?  I AM  NOT CRAZY.

She did have a blog that I featured way back when.  Then she stopped blogging and shut that blog down…….but she just couldn’t stay away, so she’s back…….with a new name……a new blog name anyway.  So glad I found her again. She’s got some great ideas.  Fun ideas.

Like painting your deck.  This is great!  image  No need to whine……..she shows a tutorial on how she did all those black and white squares.imageShe didn’t have to go far to find her inspiration for the deck.  I’m diggin that green…..with the fabrics……I just stated on my personal blog that I’m so over toile (pronounced Twall)  …….but dang…….she has me re-thinking my whole plan now.image  Remember last week when I fell in love with painting an old book and stamping on it……apparently, she got the memo way before I did.  This is such a great idea.

image Also, do you remember when I said I was a lazy crafter…..THIS is brilliant.  Coffee Filter wreath.  image She offers a tutorial so we can ALL have coffee filter wreaths.image    She dyed some red, but decided just to use white.  I’m kind of excited to try this with the natural color.imageShe says to “make a rosette” ……in case you’re a lazy crafter like me……that means you scrunch it together.image

This is cute…….Love the fork on the plate….it’s monogrammed too.

image Sorry to get all holidayish on you, but I couldn’t resist.  Look closely…….check out the candles and the eggs.image  Were you wondering where she found toile candles?  Me too!

She made them herself.  A little tissue paper, a bit of Mod Podge and you’ve got yourself some originals.  Full tutorial on her site.imageShe also used wrapping paper to do her eggs.  Is there anything you CAN’T decoupage?imageWhile were talking Easter…….cute egg tree.  Love the polka dot eggs…….Wait!  Where did she find polka dot eggs?image

Avery helped her make them……..Another Aha! Moment.imageOne more candle idea……different tissue paper, different candle……same mod podge.  So cute.image

Hurry…..go surprise her with a TON of comments.  Enjoy.


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