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Cookie Bars for Dessert!

Got a sweet tooth?  Let me help you out by showing you these amazing cookie bars!

Cookie Bar Recipes

I love a good cookie bar! And cookies, and cake and …… get the picture. Cookies & Cups is a little slice of Heaven on Earth.  She’s got so many recipes for all yummy stuff………not just cookie bars. I can’t decide which ones to make first.

Pretzel Bottom Snickers Blondie’s – Cookie Bars

I think these may be the winning recipe for me. I could make these for my son’s soccer tournament this weekend and then taste test them to make sure they’re edible. Cuz, I’m a good mom like that.

cookie bar recipes


Peanut Butter Brownie Cups

I do love peanut butter and chocolate mixed.  This will be a hard decision.  I may just have to make them both.

cookie bar recipes


Rolo Cake Mix Bars

BUT! I love a pack of Rolo’s too! Decisions, decisions! I may have to toss a coin. Don’t these look amazing? I like the idea that you also use a cake mix. cookie bar recipes

Death by Vanilla Cookie Bars

Or I could go the purists way and do vanilla.  These look gooey and oh so yummy.  My son’s not much of a chocolate person, so maybe I’ll have to make these.  Maybe I should just make them all?cookie bar recipes

Cookies & Cups has a recipe for all kinds of sweets.  She has a whole section just for rice krispie treats, or pie, or edible gifts.  I know you’ll find something to make you drool. TCB button

Head on over and let her know “It’s the BEST day of her life”!



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  1. DianeM says

    Wow..I love her website! I like the choices you made…they all look delicious, I can’t wait to make at least one of them!
    Smiles, DianeM