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Cottonelle & Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cottonelle. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was recently asked to team up with the nice folks at Cottonelle!  Not only do we LOVE Cottonelle flushable wipes in this household, (because once you’re THAT fresh, you never go back)  but I knew my readers would LOVE a chance to win Cottonelles  $10,000 bathroom makeover. Now through June 30th, you can visit Cottonelle to watch the Cottonelle Wash Test videos and submit your entry for a chance to win one of four grand prizes of $10,000 bathroom makeover!  See………I’ve always got your back…. no pun intended. 

Seriously…….what would we do without toilet paper? Clean Care toilet paper.  Besides being highly uncomfortable, we wouldn’t have all those amazing toilet paper roll crafts!   It’s amazing what we can make with tubular pieces of paper.  It’s a win win! We feel fresh AND we are rewarded with craft supplies! toilet paper roll crafts

1. Painted Crown 2. Painting circles 3. Hot Rod Rolls 4. Advent Calendar 5. Metallic crowns

The possibilities are endless and are resources are plenty.  Do you recycle your paper rolls?

Besides questioning if you recycle……… Cottonelle is asking you to test your Cleaning Logic by watching one of these hilarious hidden camera videos. You’ll not only get a little chuckle, but you’ll see that nothing can be cleaned properly without the combination of cloth and water……right?  I don’t wipe my kitchen counters down with just a dry paper towel……. so…….I’ve taken that logic into the loo……that’s British for bathroom.  I’ve been watching too much Downton Abbey.  I bet they would have appreciated a little Cottonelle back then.

As mentioned we LOVE our  Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Wipes and Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper in this household………it all started way back when we were potty training our son 12 yrs ago.  Made sense then…..still makes sense now.


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