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Get Your Craft On ~ Tuesdays!

WOW,  Gone are the good ole days when my biggest worry was who to feature.  Because of all you rockin readers who LOVE creative inspiration as much as I do, my site had a few growing pains………I had to upgrade to a larger server.  Exciting!  But what I didn’t know was that it would take 3 days!  Those poor people I chatted with on live chat.  There is nothing like a pissed off blogger with no knowledge for coding, html and whatever else they do.  I tried to be nice, I really did.  And I reminded them to be patient with me, because people like me……….. mean job security for them.get your craft on button

But I’m back!

Let’s try and pick up where we left off.  If you haven’t entered the giveaway for free flyers (great for you business owners), go head and enter.  I’ll leave it open until this evening.  blogging tips

Also, I’m SO excited to kick off a new series.  Blogging Tips with Blogging with Amy Twice a month, Amy will be taking the reins and giving you a blog lesson.  I get SO many questions and after my performance with Host Gator, I don’t think you want my advice.  Really…….I know nothing.   We’ll be kicking off this exciting series with a live chat, right here!  Oct 8th – 6pm pst, 9pm est.  Prizes will be offered!  A Letter Press starter kit from Lifestyle Crafts and a blog design from How Joyful Design Studio!  Mark your calendars for Oct 8th!

Get Your Craft On!

1. Post something creative: DIY, Decorating, Crafty, Baking, Cooking, Organizing, paper crafts etc….

2. Please link back- well actually you have to.  And I’ll be addressing this in our first series with Blogging with Amy.

3. Mingle.  Find a project for next week!



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  1. Vivienne @ The V Spot says

    “… be patient with me, because people like me……….. mean job security for them.”

    And then I snorted milk out of my nose. So funny! Thanks for hosting each week! :)