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Craftaholics Anonymous

This cute girl Linda emailed me a bit ago letting me how much she loved my blog…..I must admit, I never tire of those kind of emails….hint hint……but she also said she didn’t think she was “worthy”.  PA-LEEEZ……she’s amazing.  Way craftier than I’ll ever be.  She is so crafty that she needed an intervention, so she started Craftaholics Anonymous .Makes me feel a bit guilty that I’m posting this while drinking a hot steaming Hot Buttered Rum.  But I’ll get over it.

The post that landed her in my FFF (future feature file) was this one on creating a piece of art from pinecones. decorating with pinecones I love how she finds unique ways to decorate her home that not only look amazing, but are thrifty.  You all know how cheap I am, so I love ideas like this.  It takes talent to decorate on the cheap.  It’s much more rewarding too.  She’ll even show you how because she’s got a ton of tutorials!  TUTORIALS!!!Nov 16 099Wanna talk unique?   Would you look at these fabric scraps!  Just look at them.  They’re beautiful!  She has a tutorial on these too.  She placed a paper towel cardboard roll in the middle so you can add a candle or something.  What a great idea that doesn’t cost any money…….if you sew that is and have loads of extra fabric around.fabric scraps  Ahh….burlap.  Love the stinky stuff.  She made a wreath.  Another great idea.burlap wreath  Here’s more proof that you CAN have amazing decor without shopping in one of those high priced cool places.  You’ll need an old crib mattress thingy.  I suppose you could also use an old steal gate too.  DSC_0487 Grab more burlap…..any color….tie around the edges.  Clip a few photos and you’ve got yourself a great wall piece and conversation starter.Crib craftsThen add a bunch of round embroidery hoops with cute fabric and you’ve got a better decorated hallway than you could have done with Pottery Barn.

Amazing isn’t it?  And she thought she wasn’t worthy?  DSC_0167  While we’re swooning over burlap projects….I may as well show you this burlap pillow that’s been stenciled. DSC_0080 What I love the most……is she filled it with plastic grocery bags…….and she’s from Utah!   She’s recycling. DSC_0090 There’s hope for Utah….I’ve even had a few comments from Utahians putting me in my place saying they DO recycle.  I love being put in my place.  So if you’re from Utah and you recycle……let me know!!!


For a quick and easy solution for decorating her son’s bedroom, she worked her magic and came up with adding these cute alphabet cards to the wall and painting a chair.  boy nurseryDSC_0121Oh how I love paint. DSC_0046

Is this the cutest chair ever?

DSC_0107      Another form of recycling ………. love it.

I know it seems too late to start an Advent Calendar, but really it’s not.  She decided to use baby food jars.  Turned out pretty cute didn’t it?  advent calendar

Tuesday is Get Your Craft On Tuesday.  It’s a great place to show us all your latest creative project.  I’ll have my McKlinky up……so get ready to post all you want.

OK, now off you go to visit Linda and give her a bad time about not feeling worthy.  We love her.