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Crazy for Collars

Suzanne sent me an email awhile ago saying I needed one of her collars for my “amazingly, adorable gifted Labradoodle pup”………OK, well maybe she didn’t say amazinglly, adorable gifted Labradoodle……but I know she meant to.

So I hopped on over to her etsy shop and blog Crazy For Collars and you know what?  I did need one of her collars…..a holiday collar! IMG_5317 I mean if you’re going to treat your dog like a real member of the family, she’s going to need some new duds for the holidays……right?  IMG_5309Maybelline….we call her Mabie…… isn’t so sure about the bow, she’s a bit of a tomboy. But it’s removable for everyday use…….and she loves the patterns of her new bling.  No there’s nothing shiny on it, but she doesn’t know what bling really is, so don’t tell her.   As far as she knows……she’s wearing diamonds.  That’s what I tell her anyway.

Mabie also needed a pink collar because she wants people to know she’s a girl when we go to the dog park.


She felt so glamorous, she threw herself on the floor and struck a pose.

IMG_5314    I must say that Suzanne’s collars are very well made.  More sewing talent. I was also very impressed with her packaging.  I should have taken an photo of it, but my son ripped it open before I could say anything.  Along with the collars, she sent me gift tags…..thank you, and little matchbook note pad…….thank you!  I’m thinking you’re safe ordering from her to drop ship a gift to someone…….it will look special and the recipient will love it……unless they don’t have a dog.

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