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Creative Holiday Ideas!

If you’re reading this blog, then you’re probably someone who strives to be creative. You enjoy it! It makes life more fun and enhances making memories… least I think so.

Creative Holiday Ideas!

I thought you’d enjoy a few of the topics I’ve done for Disney’s Spoonful this month.
creative diy ornaments

Creative DIY Ornaments – Grab the kiddos and get crafty! Create a few ornaments for your tree or to use as gift tags.

keepsake ornaments

DIY Keepsake Ornaments - Keepsake ornaments are the best! They build memories that can be passed on year after year.  You’ll love these ideas.


kraft paper

Kraft Paper Gift Wrapping ideas – Ahhh the beloved kraft paper.  All kraft paper is, is the plain brown paper bag paper. I LOVE IT! And you’ll love all these creative ideas.


gifts kids can make

Gifts Kids can Make - Get the kids in the giving spirit with a few handmade gifts. These are great for family members or teachers.

fudge15 Fabulous Fudge Recipes | I thought you may be needing a recipe.

Easy Holiday Entertaining ideas – These easy water bottles were a hit this past weekend.

Because I know it’s getting hectic- Try some of my Slow Cooker Sunday Recipes. 


  1. says

    Such fun ideas! All of them! I noticed your string art ornaments in particular, and I happened to make a homemade kit for these. I think it would be a perfect travel activity to keep kids occupied on the plane or in the car during holiday travels.