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Katie is who I wish I was when I was 20. 

Creole Wisdom

I’ve enjoyed her blog for a couple of years.  I like her candid writing about growing up, going to college, having boyfriends…….I find myself wishing I could be that girl again with as much poise and grace as she has at such vulnerable age for all of us.  The age where we are truly becoming adults.  Katie is a smart girl.  She’s got the confidence that we hope all young girls grow up with.  

Her blog is really about simple living.  Being creative in all aspect and corners of her life.  She is a published photographer…….and excited to build her photography business.  image Its not enough for Katie to give her clients their Cd in any ordinary fashion…….she created her own envelope…….image You’ll get the message that she doesn’t do anything without style and grace.imageI think this is one my favorite photos.  I love the large tree and the people mingling.  This was a family event…..For me she captured the “family tree”.  (is that a labradoodle in the lower left corner?)image I think I first found Katie a couple of years ago through scrapbooking.  Remember when I used to scrapbook?  She had also lived in Portland at one point, so I instantly felt a connection to her blog. 

I love that a single woman feels the need to scrapbook this time in her life.  So many women think life starts once your married.  Don’t get me wrong….she wants to get married someday and will make an incredible wife and mother, but she’s living in the moment, relishing her journey.  There will be no settling for this young lady.  And if you’re lucky enough to be a friend…..then I’m sure she’ll keep you for life.imageKatie loves creating an environment that is orderly, creative and inviting.  She’s got some mad organizing skillz.  And she truly enjoys it.  I love how she’s done her college years albums.  Once again… and grace.imageimage  I was such a goof in college……..I have very few photos….but in my defense, that was back in the day of film…..and all the steps that go with that.  imageThe storage of photos was such a pain…..keeping track of all those little negative.  I’m breaking out in hives just thinking about it.    

Katie adores all things paper crafting……imageShe’s the kind of girl that plans out her Christmas gift wrap…….I’m sure she already has next years planned.  :)

If Katie could hang out with Martha Stewart for the day, I’m sure Martha would be asking her for ideas and advice by the end of the day.  Katie adores all things domestic…….she loves to cook, bake, entertain.  I really don’t think there is a moment when this girl isn’t planning something that will nourish her soul…….or someone else’s. imageIf you want to meet a girl who is taking full responsibility of her life and her direction…….taking life by the horns……then head over to her blog.  She’s a wise wise woman.image

Thanks to all who linked up for Get Your Craft On!  I’m trying to get through the list.  Come back tomorrow for another great feature.