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Curious Sofa Diaries

Oh my…….This blog has me all excited!  I was so proud of my new and updated pumpkin topiaries, but now………NOW……..I have a better idea for next year.  Debbie is the owner of a darling boutique in Kansas City called Curious Sofa.   downtownAnd she has a blog….Curious Sofa Diaries……… her headerb2If I ever get to Kansas City, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be visiting Debbie.  I plan to spend the entire day there, and then she’ll have to kick me out…….but then she’ll probably feel sorry for me and take me home where I’ll get to drool over her home too.

See……here is the idea for next year.  Instead of my pumpkin topiaries….THIS!  The next time I see manikin legs at a yard sale….I know just what to do with them.  Can you just imagine how brilliant you would look in your neighborhood?Decorating for Halloween I absolutely love this one below too.  Beautiful.autumn porch She’s got some spooky spooky ideas….oh how I wish I could visit her store.  IMG_0635 And this below…….seriously…..who thinks this much out of the box?  So glad she’s not in my neighborhood.  Brilliant.IMG_0626 These heads make me cringe and giggle all at the same time.  Gawd, they’re creepy!  Now all you mom’s with little boys…….don’t throw out your daughters dolls after brother tore the head off…….save it for Halloween.  I can’t help myself……I think I’m gonna have to do this NOW!IMG_0672 She’s not all creepy…..white pumpkins!  (even though the mouth does look a bit sinister)IMG_0605

If you one of those crazy people who doesn’t decorate for Halloween…….I used to be one….it’s OK……….but no worries.  She has a LOT more on her blog to tickle your fancy.

This chair makes me all nostalgic……my first couch I ever bought on my own that was BRAND NEW was this fabric.  Oh how I loved that couch.  Sigh.IMG_0606  Don’t like pillow ticking?  How about this one?  Heavy sigh.IMG_0508 You know she’s been in magazines……anyone with THIS much talent and style has to be right?  (although I do think there are many many of my features that should also be published that haven’t been……..yet.)

IMG_0001You can catch a glimpse of her home in this issue of Romantic Homes.  IMG_0003

No reason to casually go walking past her home at night to peep through her windows…..just pick up this mag.

I have to admit that when I take my son trick or treating, I love peeking in when they open the door.  When he was small it was perfect…..I mean who sends a toddler up on the porch alone?  Now that he’s 10…….not so easy.  That’s why I just stay home letting my husband take him….I hand out candy making sure to open my door extra wide for the neighbors to see.

Enjoy Debbie’s blog.  Please let her know how you found her.  It makes me look good you know.