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House on Hill Road – DIY Craft Blog

Craft Inspiration

Ask and you shall receive! I was checking out and look…………….LOOK!………..She’s making Margaritas! That is my inspiration today. :)

HOUSE ON A HILLmaking margaritas- recipe

House on Hill road is filled with all kinds of lookie loo delights. She takes really good photos of her creations, which makes it all the better. The more I can see, the better.

Creative Craft

She has a variety of crafty talents. Multi-dimensional craft girl.
She sews…………….Is that not the cutest apron you’ve ever laid eyes on? I would wear that making those margaritas (along with other clothes) ………the green in the limes match the ribbon……..what more could a girl ask for. I can see myself walking out on the deck, holding 3 limes in one hand and a fancy colorful margarita class in the other and asking my guests if they want 2 squeezes or 3.sewing an apron

Craft Rooms

Her sewing/ crafty room. I love seeing fabric folded and organized. I don’t sew, but I may start buying fabric just so I could store it like that. Such a great creative look. storing fabric

Ahhhhhh…………..Jars full of colorful ideas for craft supplies

Valentines Day Craft

This is the CUTEST IDEAS EVER!!! I am totally going to steal that one for Valentines day…….So cute!crafts for Valentines Day

And these buckets! Adorable! And you know, I bet they arn’t that hard. My kind of craft. High lookie loo with not much difficulty. I get so many great ideas from all these blogs. Don’t you?

edited** The buckets were done by her friend Meg ~ still amazing. And now I have Meg’s site to visit. Whoo hoo!decoupage craft ideas

Stunning…………..what a cool wall. I really like it………..really really like it.

how to do a monogram wall

Another great blog will all kinds of nooks and crannies to find great inspiration…….enjoy!



  1. nik says

    I found Erin’s excellent tutorial for a Picnic Blanket with Rock Pockets…I think this would work as a cute kid’s nap mat (with bean bags instead of rocks). Thanks for the feature and link!