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Where are they now? ~ no biggie

While I’m away at The Creative Connection, I am lucky enough to have a few of my past features do a guest post for me.  I love Kami!  I’ve been lucky enough to see her on at least 4 different events.  Kami will actually be with me while at TCC, but once again, I used my charm to get her to post for me.  If you’ve ever met Kami, then you know she has the best laugh ever!  Thank you Kami!


Hi all! I’m Kami of NoBiggie.

I had The Best Day of My Life” back in January of 2010 when Kim first featured me. And you know what?! It really was one of the best days of my life.

Kim sure has a way of making a girl feel great. That day my traffic peaked. It was the best kind of traffic too, it was sticky traffic. Many of you stuck around, and thanks to Kim, many of my readers today were Today’s Creative Blog readers first.

So where am I now?! I’m still doing my thing on NoBiggie, and I also write for BabyCenter’s Momformation blog (aka Momfo)

Here are 5 of my favorite posts since Kim’s fun feature on me.

1. Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies - you are going to LOVE these!

2. Free printable Happy Birthday card – this is a fun paper craft!

3. DIY spooky Halloween Mirror – this is as creepy as I get for Halloween.

4. Asian Chicken Pasta Salad – serve this at your next all girl lunch, they will love you forever.

5. Make a book paper apple – if you love the look of old book paper, you will love this little craft.

Thanks Kim for having me today, and thanks for giving so many of us “The Best Days of our Lives!” :)