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DIY Home Decor ~Angela with Cottage Magpie

OK, back to something Creative……… Cottage Magpie!

I love that name. Do you know what a Magpie is? Well I do because they were one of my favorite birds growing up in Central Oregon. Most people are not that enamored with them, but I thought they were pretty. Angela talks about being a magpie with her cottage decorating and how she would just pick up anything she was attracted to. What a cute analogy.
By doing that, she has found her groove………..her style groove. She did such an amazing job in staging her home that they were selling. Which by the way wasn’t too far from me…….maybe about 25 miles. She now lives further down the Valley, but I still think that we should get together. She even did up the garden…… the chairs.
Her new home is darling……….so much potential and boy does she have plans! I can’t wait to see what she does with the garden this summer.

Before and After Decorating

Lots of before and afters……….have I told you lately how I love before and afters? I love them.

I love those cabinets below……….at first I thought they were painted a creamy color, which I think would look so cool…… know me……I paint everything. And that cute little pie cabinet. SWEET!

Speaking of before and afters, here is a bed she painted. Wow! It turned out so good.Another reason I think we should get together………she is thrifty! We would have so much fun. She found this hutch on Craigslist for FREE! Isn’t it yummy?She is also very crafty. She does nice things with fabric……….another person who sews……grrr, I really need to learn.What I love the most, is that her site is so organized. If you click on Archives, she has a nice list of all kinds of interesting stuff to us crafty folk. Like these Roasted Hazelnuts! She tells us how to do it! Basically a tutorial…………I need to start thinking that recipes are really tutorials. Maybe I would cook more.And homemade bread………..geez. These multi-crafters do get on my nerves sometimes….only for a minute or so. OH.MY.GOSH! I want some of that.And soup………….perfect season for soup. I’m always looking for a good soup recipe.

Angela’s site is full of great design ideas and directions. And she is so so humble about it all. Such a sweetheart. Go give her some love. I have a feeling she’s the type that a few pats on the back will only result with more crafty goodness for us to see.

Just wait til you see her post for today! Amazing talent that girl!