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We Are THAT Family – DIY Projects


I realize that many of you may already know or read Kristen’s blog.

We Are THAT Family

She’s a “mommy blogger” who will have you in stitches after reading only one of her posts.  I love her creative way in parenting her children.  I have found myself relating more than once and I only have one child.  I bet she’s the fun mom on the block.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her through her blog recently.  I’ve also really enjoyed seeing some of her DYI projects.  I love a good project, especially if I can copy it.

Laundry rooms…….UGH!  Usually this is not a fun place for us to hang and don’t throw anything at me, but my husband does most of our laundry……….OK, well pretty much all of it.  But I’d still like a cute laundry room and maybe if got some pretty new red appliances, I would take over the task.  Worth a try isn’t it?  Kristen thought the same thing.  So she talked her husband into a DYI project to help her with this wonderful task we all love.  Here’s a before……typical right?  beforelaundryrm

After……..Isn’t that amazing?  She has it all detailed for cost as well as a tutorial!!!  She got this idea from a post on The Nester………of course.  I love this idea, but it makes me so so sad.  My washer is a top load………it wouldn’t work.  Some day……

afterlaundryrmDetails…………all on her blog.  This is a non sewing project so you know I was all in a twitter over it.  Glue gun and a shower curtain….life is good.laundry1laundry2

She also added some Mud Room appeal to make her room a bit more functional for other uses as well.  Love.


She’s a woman after my own heart.  Not many women are gutsy enough to take a large WOOD piece of furniture and paint it.  Not many of us can handle the comments….”oh you can’t paint that… should just restain it…….oh it’s such pretty wood……you’re going to ruin it”  WHATEVER!  beforeTalk to the paint brush people because look at this beauty.  She added some patterned paper for the back drop………you can’t deny that it looks 200% better………1000%  Love it.


Here’s a pretty table setting I snatched off her site.  Red stars, bandanna………she is so good.  Eating from this place setting next to that hutch in all it’s glory, I’d be so so happy.  I’m sure it would be some sort of cobbler too……DSC_0042 How many of us have a pantry door like this?  You probably never gave it a second look………she didn’t like hers………..she replaced it with a screen door………see I told you she was gutsy.  Never in a million years would I have a see through pantry door……..DSCF0277But it sure is purdy………they had bought a basic screen door, cut it down, added accents, painted it………..TaDa!DSC_0004 Here’s my favorite part……….besides any cookies inside.  Using a fork for a handle.  More Love.  And you know she had me at a red door.DSC_0003 Not only will you find an occasional DYI project, you’ll find plenty of creative writing.  You’ll be ready to feel like part of the family in no time.  Go see for yourself.  You’ll be glad you did.



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