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Anthro Knock Offs

Knock off

Bev is the queen of Anthro knock offs.  THE QUEEN!  Not only does she use items she sees for inspiration, but usually they look better!  Back in April, she led one of the groups at Creative Estates through a necklace project.  I sat and watched Cindy (skip to my lou) since my brain was overwhelmed and because you had to use a needle, thread and really little beads.  I didn’t want to expose this group of lovely women to a “throw myself on the ground” kind of fit from a grown woman.  And I have been known to curse when a craft doesn’t go my way.  Nothing too horrible, but just a little habit I inherited from my mother back in her sewing days.  Anywhoooo…………

Flamingo Toes

Anthropology necklace

She had us them make this necklace.  I loved it when it was done and actually regretted not making it.  The tutorial on her blog is really really good if you think you’d like to give it whirl.On her blog, she has all her tutorials in categories so you can find things easily.


I was lost in her jewelry section for a while. I am LOVING this necklace and even though she shows a very detailed tutorial, there is NO way I would attempt this.  anthropology necklaceBut I’d let someone else make it for me.  Let’s just say she’s way better with her hands than me.  And she probably doesn’t throw fits.


Now this project is right up my alley! I can do this! Cardboard, glue and silverware!  Love it!  diyThis photo looks straight out of a magazine!  Doesn’t this look good on the wall?  A great conversation piece.

diy recipe book

More anthro knock offs. Once again, she shows her patience by embroidering the “recipes” part.  Couldn’t you just use a sharpie? :)  Or maybe some iron transfer material?  Now we’re talking my language.  No needles involved.   Of course she has a full tutorial.  Pretty cute!diyShowing off more of her needle skills, she made this Kitchen towel.  No short cuts for this girl.  All great projects that I know you’ll love.

Bev was such a sweetie at Creative Estates. I don’t think I ever saw her NOT smiling.  I really enjoyed meeting her and I was able to chat more when I forced my way in her car for a ride to the airport.  I even called SHOT GUN!  (sorry Holly and Ordy & Joon)  I know she would be tickled pink (flamingo pink) if you left her a sweet comment letting her know you found her on TCB.  Surprise her!  Flamingo Toes!



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  1. says

    The creativity of other people always amaze me. I love the silverware mirror…..that is adorable. I’ll have to check out her blog.



  2. says

    I have to tell you I got a little crazy when I woke up this morning to texts from friends saying “It is the Best Day of Your Life”!!!!! I might have scared some small children. 😉
    Kim thank you so much for the most amazing feature!! I might have to print it out and put it on my wall. 😉
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  3. Michele @ The Scrap Shoppe says

    LOVE Bev!!! She is definitely one of my favorite bloggers. So sweet and always supportive. You couldn’t have picked a better blogger to showcase!

  4. says

    Holey awesomeness! I was totally bummed I didn’t get to make a necklace at CE, so I’m going to have to check out her tutorial. By the way, I love the new look of your website. That “Best Day of My Life” button is just awesome. I wanna update to that one. :)

  5. says

    Oh boy. I love, love, love that you featured Bev. She is adorable, wonderful and amazing all wrapped into one! I first found her via her Anthro cook book knock-off. Loved it, stared at it, knew that with even the most detailed instructions I could never recreate it…sigh.

  6. Jamielyn Nye says

    Oh I LOVE her blog! Seriously her knock off’s put Anthro’s to shame! She is amazing!! And those buttons.. must get one! SO fun!

  7. Sarah P. says

    Unnecessary apostrophes… but very pretty! (re: Theirs vs. Their’s, etc.)

    • Kim says

      yep, realized that. DOH! Moment. It was one of those days when the word “the” looked wrong. Thanks for letting me know.