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DIY Room Decoration on a Budget

We all know that decorating your home with DIY ideas is much more satisfying, less expensive and leaves your home surrounded with your personality. Being creative while you decorate a room is much more fun too. Now I realize not everyone has a natural skill for decorating, but with some of these DIY Room Decoration ideas, you’ll be on your way.

Shannanigans Blog knows how to decorate on a budget. She thinks outside the box and comes up with many great ideas for her home.


Shannon wanted to redecorate her dining room and she knew she needed a DIY simple solution. Keeping almost everything else the same, but taking a bold step by painting a full wall with black chalkboard paint.  This wall makes a statement!  It’s perfect for this room and it’s all she needed to do. By painting one wall, it changed the whole look!  The table is the same, the light fixture is the same, the drapes are the same.

DIY Home Decorating Ideas

DIY Nursery

This nursery is to die for! And it’s all DIY. What baby is going to cry in this room?

diy home decorating ideas

DIY Guest Bedroom Makeover

WOW! If I remember right, she did this guest bedroom makeover for a little over $300.  She looked around her home for items to use, bought a few new things and transformed this room from drab to fab!

diy home decorating ideas

She recently had a Craft Day with a few fellow bloggers in her area.  She really spoiled them.  What a spectacular day. Every detail was thought through.  I would LOVE to go to one of these!

She had it perfectly decorated with creative ideas.  Lots of burlap like I like it! BIG paper flowers and a brown & yellow color theme.

diy decorating ideas

I think this lemon idea is beautiful! Why haven’t I thought of that?

diy home decorating ideas

She had a few selected crafts they all completed.

creative ideas for home decorating

My favorites……ones I want to copy right now…….are the hand stamped napkins and the moss covered monogram.  She’s got tutorials on how she did both of these on her site. The moss one does not come from that moss you buy in a bag……..just sayin.

creative ideas to decorate your home

Head over the let her know it’s “the best day of her life!”



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