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This blog was exactly what I needed. She even has me thinking I could do her diy sewing tutorials.  Her blog is full of wholesome useful information.  She shares her life on the farm (thought it looked like Washington State) with a few sewing crafts, lots and lots of food tips on how to freeze different garden veggies, and just pure simple living.  Like I said it was exactly what I needed Sunday afternoon when I was getting ready to write. I was in a horrible, grouchy mood.  I ended up spending all my time reading her blog……..I got pulled into her stories, her tutorials, her life.  And now I’m not so grouchy…..I’m feeling a bit more balanced.  I’m feeling pretty good. dish towel tutorial

I’m sharing with you the first project that caught my eye.  I am in love with this tea towel.  I am convinced I can do this by following her tutorial.  One of these days………I’ll pull my mom’s sewing machine out of the garage and clean it up and start sewing… just watch. sewing tutorial

I noticed she mentioned a friend, neighbor and past feature of mine, Lara Blair, Modern Prairie Girl, that’s what tipped me off that maybe she too was a Washington gal like Lara and myself.

If you’re needing a place to just chill………this blog is lovely.  I love her mason jar tutorial too.  And all her recipes………


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