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Dremel Saw-Max™ Giveaway

We love our power tools! Who wants to win a Dremel Saw-Max™?  Wouldn’t that make a great holiday present just for you?  Just think of all the projects you can complete!
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I am excited to try this baby out……with it being smaller and less intimidating, I think I could actually build something. Because of it’s small size, I think it’s going to be so handy to whip out for a few projects.  I’ve got a list a mile long! It sure would have been great to use on this past project, my DIY Chalkboard.…….cutting all that molding for the frame……..simple!

You can find Dremel products at your local hardward store or my favorite, Lowe’s.

Black Chalkboard

The Dremel Saw-Max ™ cuts metal, wood etc…. Wanna win one? r25037v15

To enter, just follow the directions in the widget below. You can leave me a comment, but that doesn’t enter you to win. Fill out the widget below.

Dremel has supplied TCB with this product to giveaway and review. My husband reviewed and he loves it! He always speaks the truth.


  1. Rebecca says

    At first I was confused because I thought it was called a “sew max” lol. This looks like a handy tool, would love to win. :)

  2. yvonne bennett says

    If I win this it would be my first..and It would be one less tool I would have to borrow from my husband.

  3. Heather N says

    Given that my hubby is a carpenter, I would hope he would be patient enough to teach me how to use this.. Especially since my crafty mind is already filling with ideas. :) Thank you for a fun giveaway!

  4. Brooke says

    LOVE your ideas. You always have something up your sleeve :) So creative! thanks for the giveaway! This is what my husband wants for Christmas, I would love to win it for him ;)

  5. says

    I would be making a few things for the master-bath and bedroom – shelves in the bathroom and headboard for the bedroom.