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Earth Day projects

Found this Earth Day cake from my MckLinky Party!  I am loving those thumbnails!  Get Your Craft On is every Tuesday.

Being an Oregonian living in Washington….you know we love Earth Day!  Just a bunch of hippies living in the PNW.  :)

This is a great idea for Earth day, but I can’t help but think about all the dye…….ewww.  I’m sure I’d get past it once I tasted the sweet goodness.image

Earth day is the only time you could even get close to getting away with this much color…..otherwise….that ick factor would take over for me. The Batter does look cool….image

Stephanie Lynn with Under The Table and Dreaming has some great projects!  She’s got a lovely home that will make you drool……and so many ideas, you can hardly keep up with her. 

Another Earth Day project is this wreath she made from plastic bags.  Looks like feathers doesn’t it?  And yes, I did notice the burlap hanging ribbon.image The girl has some skillz…….and she better with a craft space like this below…….DANG….The pressure.  image It was probably in that craft space that she made this Alphabet wall hanging.  She bought the hanger and large paper roll from Pottery Barn, then applied her own alphabet.  Very cool.  This is in her play room….well her son’s play room.imageHere’s the other side….I’m just gonna say it…..I hate all women who have these gorgeous cubby pieces in their home.imageI was stunned at her birthday parties she throws for her son!  I thought I was over the top, but boy…..she really knows how to throw a shin dig……

Here’s the cake…….well one of them.image Here’s another cake…….image And here are little cakes for the guests to take home!  I’m pretty sure she made them too…..I think I remember her saying something about ice cream and how easy they were.  Dang!imageHere’s the food………If she’s not into catering….she should be. image     She’s got another party posted too.  It was a circus theme…..What fun!  I wonder if she has people placing their RSVPs before she even sends out the invites?image

I hope you have at least 30 min to spare.  You’re going to need it. She has lots of things to look at.  Furniture re-do’s….Before and afters……check out her links. 

Please check the Spring Fling Winners page here.