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Everyday Celebrating

Are you thinking about your Thanksgiving table? Or am the only one who obsesses about that? I am always looking for something to impress my inlaws year to year. I start thinking about my table in July. If you have any photos, please pass them along to me.
EveryDay Celebrating has great ideas for all kinds of celebrating! OH my pants fit today!………I better celebrate! Well, maybe she doesn’t do those kind, but she has all kinds of ideas. She’s an event planner in Tennessee. I bet she has a cute accent too. Nothing like us bland NW girls. Here are her ideas for a fall event. Lovely.

I love how she displays her photos with all the fancy writing. Her site is a great resource for finding several different sites for fun projects like these below. Cherry Blossom Lights! I like it.I can’t remember if it was a friend of hers, or a blog friend………but look at this party she featured. Would you look at that popcorn? WOW! Another great idea………anytime you can figure out a way to display your child’s art work…… means less paper pile up on the counter. Her photos are so cool.She even found a site that had a tutorial for dying your shoes with kool aid! Because…… know you couldn’t possibly show up with off white shoes that weren’t the exact color of your dress. We women can get so obsessed can’t we? But what a great idea.

If you’re planning an event sometime soon, this is a site not to be missed. Even if you don’t have an event coming up, she’s all about celebrating the little things in life………….like OBAMA WINNING!!!! ooooh, was that too loud? :)

I love it when you smother my features in comments……….hint hint.