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Family Rules

I am just tickled pink about the new Family Rules Printable I have now as a free gift for joining the TCB facebook page.  Yes, I now have a welcome page for the TCB facebook and there is a free printable for anyone who joins.  And if you’ve already “liked” my page………and seriously, why wouldn’t you…… can still download this free Family Rules printable gift for yourself!

UPDATE: Download your Family Rules Printable Here

The gals at SissyPrint did this for me.  I love their stuff.  You can see other free printable items they’ve done for me in the past.

I had the  perfect frame for this.  I picked it up for $1 at a garage sale a couple of years ago.   I prefer this kind of art with chippy old frames than something all fancy.  Well at least I think I do…..besides my Sid Dickens Memory Blocks, I don’t own any expensive art.

bad photo, cool art!



  1. nik says

    Brilliant sign! Actually it’s a must-have for anyone in a relationship or just anyone at all. :)
    Have a cheery day!

  2. JennyLynn says

    I saw this done a little differently in a model home. I like this one better. I want to blow it up really big to put in each of the kiddo’s bedrooms. :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. says

    sheesh, Kim! you are getting just too dang creative. Did you do the Facebook page yourself? Boy, if I knew someone who could paint maybe they’d put something on my own Facebook page ;)

    Have a great weekend, what’s left of it.

  4. Carrie says

    Hello! I love all of your ideas, creations and site. Thank you for sharing. I am hoping you can help me with the Family Rules printable. It cycles between TCB, Facebook, and Sissyprints- I can see the images, but not a way to download it. Thank you!

  5. Lori says

    This is perfect for my kitchen. I have a house full of boys. But, I am having the same problem as Carrie. Is there a way to download this printable that I’m not seeing?

    • Kim says

      The Family Rules Printable is a freebie for signing up for my FB page. It will be back after the Holidays. If you’re talking about the Holiday one, let me know.

      • Lori says

        Great! I am already signed up on your Facebook page, so I will happily wait until you bring it back. Thanks!

  6. Floc'h says

    i like this Family Rules Printable but i don’t know how print it. Could you help me, please ?