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The most creative I ever got with food was ants on a log. Maybe had my child been a picky eater, I would have resorted to getting a little more creative at making fun food……….or food fun.

Food Artfun with food

Kitchen Fun with my 3 sons

This cute mama makes the most amazing plates of food for her little ones. She is creating little master pieces for her boys. Just look at the creativity out there. I have to wonder how she thinks of these things and how long it takes her.  My son’s meal would be completely cold if he had to wait for me to make my masterpiece.  Do you think she keeps a notebook?  Hmmmm, I’d love to see it.

I think she should do a with foodJill has all kinds of categories, from kid dinners to snacks, etc..  There are a TON of ideas on her blog. fun foodI think this may be the shortest post I’ve ever written.  It’s certainly not because my featured blogger is boring………no no no………’s because I’ve been crazy busy with The Creative Connection stuff and getting ready to vacation in Utah.  Are you going to EVO?

I hope you’ll stop by my featured bloggers site and surprise her.  You may even receive a shout out for your good deed.

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  1. says

    Wow! I’m impressed! Her kids are lucky!

    ps. You forgot to mention a pickle wrapped in buddig. (tee-hee)

    See you next week! :)

  2. moonsword says

    Great ideas to get kids helping in the kitchen! She’s inspired me to make a pancake stack swimming pool! Thanks for the link!