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Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!!!  Craft Link parties

Blog etiquette

I was asked many times at Creative Estates if I thought Linky Parties were worth it.  What I heard over and over was the frustration and thoughts of quitting their own linky parties because of people not “following the rules”.  Or, that it is a hassle to add buttons or text links to the actual post they were linking to parties they were participating in.

I view Linky parties as a “Scratch my back, scratch your back” situation for both the blog author (me) and the linker (you).  Some blog authors/owners are hoping to gain in traffic, or want their blog link/button placed as a thank you…….to improve their own exposure and SEO.  Or  both.  In chatting with others, it  confirmed my belief that people link to parties to increase visits to their blog. (Scratch my back, scratch yours)

When it becomes a one way street, blog authors are dropping their link parties like flies.  They feel used.  I would be lying if I said I hadn’t considered dropping Get Your Craft On.   No it’s not a threat… no no.

The bottom line is Get Your Craft On needs to benefit MY blog as much as the linker.  When it isn’t, I will drop it.  My traffic is actually better when I have a feature, but dang…… would be SO worth it for me if everyone added a simple text link back to TCB.  Should we work together?  Then everyone’s happy.

My Rules (that all the other blog linky party authors agreed with)

1. Link to your actual post

2. Link your OWN project. Something YOU made.

3.  Link back- by doing so, it like saying Thank you for allowing me access to your readers. (party pages are not that successful for the blog author)

4. Don’t use linky parties to promote your giveaway, etsy shop or current promotion.

You can copy my button and link it back to TCB or you can just link a text link.  Don’t know how?  Let me know. I’ll help you.

Let’s get scratching!



Owner/Founder at Today's Creative Blog
Since 2007, Kim has been sharing tips and tutorials on how to live a creative life. Owner/Founder of Today's Creative Blog and where inspiration happens everyday! From the Pacific Northwest, Kim is a busy mom who adores her teen son, her middle aged husband and is constantly wiping the muddy paws of her adorable Labradoodle Maybelline. In her spare time, she teaches fitness classes and loves to decorate with thrift store bargains. You can also find Kim once a month on Portland's AMNW Morning show as their "creative expert". Life is more fun when it's creative!





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  1. Vivienne @ The V Spot says

    Thanks for hosting the party each week. I know there are a lot of us who appreciate you doing so an definitely want to follow the rules/etiquette of the party. Your button is always on my sidebar, and I enjoy popping over to visit the other bloggers who linked up their projects too.

  2. says

    I use inlinkz to add the links back to any link parties I participate in. It allows me to add new ones each day and keeps the link neat and organized. I also don’t have to edit the actual post each day to add the link party’s link.

    My biggest fault is not commenting and saying thank you to the host. Soooo THANK YOU!

  3. Madigan at madiganmade says

    I can only imagine your frustration, Kim. I am so appreciative of the hosts that do throw these parties. Thanks, as always, for supporting other bloggers and for hosting this week!
    (And I hope that the non-linking bloggers head your request.)

  4. Donatella says

    thanks for hosting.
    i’m getting my acts together and tomorrow first thing in the morning with a good amount of coffee, I’ll try to get the buttons on the side bar. I’m not very good (i’m pretty bad) with this blog thing.
    i had my daughter on the phone for the the party page and now i learned that is not that good. too bad she spent almost two hours to tell me how to do it :(

  5. says

    Thanks for hosting. I always link back to the blog hosting the party! it’s so rude NOT to! I really don’t see how hard it is to add a simple text link. I recently started a blog party, and I’m experiencing some of this.

  6. says

    As a new blogger, I appreciate you & those like you who host these wonderful parties. I have visited so many lovely talented people via link parties and I pretty much always take the time to leave a comment for them. I know how much it warms my heart to just check in and see even the shortest comment or encouragement and try to spread that around a bit. I know I always try to post a link back to the party sites I participate in…so… I would much rather be told I did not do something properly and fix it than lose the chance to participate!
    Always learning, crafting, & spreading some comments!

  7. Maggie@Midwesternsewinggirl says

    Thank you so much for sharing your blog with us and for hosting this party!!! I love love love all the inspiration I find here & I’m so thankful to you for helping me find it…
    You rock, girl!!!!

  8. says

    As a host of a link party, I was wondering how you feel about linky lists kept permanently in a visible area of a sidebar?

    I definitely want to give props to all the bloggers who host link ups…but I also don’t want to have to edit my project posts over and over everytime I decide I’d like to join a link up. That’s a LOT of work, too. I used to keep the buttons in my sidebar, but I felt like it made my blog cluttered and unpleasant for my readers (plus they went soooo far down the page, people didn’t see them), so I switched to text links that include the day of the week the link up is held that readers will scroll past every time I publish a new post.

    I feel like it’s a happy compromise…what do you think?

    • Kim says

      Ideally, I think a link host would LOVE to be recognized in the post. But I do understand that there are more link parties than mine. GASP! I’m not a fan of link party pages, as I rarely see traffic from those, so I suppose side bar is the next best thing.
      How about on every crafty post you do, you just type out Today’s Creative Blog at the end, then you’ll be ready to go. Tee Hee :)

  9. says

    Thanks for hosting a great party. I hope it is more fun than frustrating. I have your button up all the time on my sidebar. :)

  10. says

    I haven’t linked up FOREVER. Mostly because I can never get my act together by Tuesday. But thanks so much for reminding me…and whaddya know, I actually have something. Yay!

    Thanks SO much for hosting a great party. I have gotten inspiration over and over from it. And you’re amazing. A little reminder now and then never hurt anyone. :)

  11. Sara @ Mom Endeavors says

    Thanks so much for hosting the party and for explaining the blogging etiquette in a nice way! :) Love your party and was thrilled to make it in the first 150 today! :)

    • Kim says

      glad it sounded nice, cause there were moments I wasn’t feeling nice while writing. LOL

  12. says

    Thanks so much for hosting!! As a smaller blog, I really appreciate the opportunity for a wider audience to see what I have to offer.

    I’ve found a good way to make sure that there are links/buttons to the host blog within each post itself. I have a “draft” post that only has the button codes for the parties I like to link to. Then when I write one of my “good” posts that I plan on putting into the parties, I just copy all those button codes into the post at once.

  13. says

    Thank you for hosting! I’m addicted to Linky Parties…..I always thought sites hosted to get ideas for projects and well I LOVE to share my ideas….

    For awhile I had buttons in my sidebar and/or post but I link up nightly to about 10 or more blogs….I have about 125 blogs listed in my linky list and my sidebar just got too cluttered with buttons. So I switched up to a text linky list that’s nice and neat for readers to find…

    I did have your button for awhile but it never fit in my was always too wide for my layout and I didn’t know how to fix it…

    So I hope my linky page is following good blog etiquette….If not It won’t hurt my feelings and I will sadly remove you from my list….

  14. Janet says

    Thanks so much for the great post, I always love to read your take on things. I’m glad you chose to keep hosting the party each week, thank you!

  15. says

    I don’t know how to host a linky party, but I do know how to link back to ones I pop in on; I keep learning more about blogging as I go along so……I think some folks need tutorials too on how to link their “exact” project; I always find that that part drives me crazy when folks don’t do a direct link…as always, I agree with everything you said…I am gonna try to remember to leave L-O-V-E for the hosts too :) from now on…

  16. says

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks for your honesty, it’s important for new bloggers to be aware of etiquette. At the end of my post I put a link to the words today’s creative blog which I assume helps!
    You have a wonderful blog, thanks!

    • Kim says

      yes Lindsey, it really does help with the google juice (seo). Stuff I never thought I’d need to know about.

  17. says

    Kim, I TOTALLY understand! And therefor always try my very best to follow the rules! I also try to follow the blog and NOT just show up for link parties. Thanks for hosting every week and giving us ladies a chance to show off our blogs! :)

  18. says

    Thank you for hosting every week. I have a linky party on sunday’s and there are no rules, I really like to see what people are up to and I am thankful that they have found my blog and find it worthwhile to link to it. I love linking up to your parties to see all of the great projects, thanks again!

  19. says

    I see the point, for sure. Hosting takes some time. Though I’ve dropped the requirement for people to link back. I just truly enjoy seeing the links and offering a space. Of course, many people do link back but I’m not offended by those that don’t. Maybe I’m odd?

    Also, I truly hate adding links to my posts in order to link up on someone else’s party. It clutters my post so I’ve stopped linking to many parties. I do enjoy browsing through them so I hope you keep yours!

  20. Amanda says

    I love your little intro – I decided to do a linky party once a month to see how it goes so I like hearing your point of view about it. (I agree!)

  21. debbie says

    I got your back! lol…get it? Scratching back? lol. Seriously…you ROCK. I appreciate all you do…love your blog…love your ideas and effort. I agree with Ellie G…I have gotten some major inspiration from your site…and, while I’m no doctor, it’s quite possible now that I have crafty ADD. lol

  22. Randi says

    Thanks for hosting the party – I know I appreciate it. I always love seeing the fun ideas out there.

  23. Baye says

    I surely do understand that blogger do a lot of work hosting link parties. Just BLOGGING takes a lot of time when you want to share your ideas and how-to instructions.

    I have a permanent list of link party buttons on the side of my blog. I can still count of my fingers (and maybe a few toes) the number of link parties I’ve joined, and, yet, everybody’s buttons are always on the sidebar of my blog. Even if I’ve just linked one craft, the button stays on my side bar. That seems better than having a one-time link within a specific post–I could be wrong, though.

    I will follow the rules EXACTLY from now on, though–I’m feeling some intense guilt here. After creating crafty posts, however, the last thing I have time to do is create links to lots of sites within the post. If the request is for a link in the post, I promise I will sadly pass on the party.

    Even as someone with a really tiny blog, I understand the feeling of being used. I spend a lot of time creating my sewing posts. I posted one tutorial that was particularly time consuming. Over a thousand hits. Twelve comments. Statistics show that a lot of those people stayed on the site a long time, not just a click and not for me click out thing. Most of the 12 comments were link party people thanking me for joining and a couple were responses from me.

    It does feel crappy when people are obviously using your blog and don’t even take the time to leave a word. How long does it take to type “nice” Frankly, even telling me it sucked would have been better than nothing. Off to put my soapbox away! Sorry this is so long. Oh, love your blog even if I can’t do the link parties!

    • Kim says

      No guilt! I’ve seen lists at the end with just text that is non intrusive and oh so helpful to the blog owner.

  24. says

    I put the blogs button on my blog and list under the day’s linky parties. I never put in my actual post because when I’m writing it, I never really know who I’m going to link to. My question, how do the parties host feel about that? Their button remains forever on my blog…just not in the actual post but there whenever a reader scrolls down.

    • Kim says

      I think we really prefer it in the post, but side bar is great. I know it’s time consuming, but it’s also the choice of the blogger to choose how many linky parties they participate in. When it becomes unmanageable, then the host gets the shaft.
      I loved an idea I read in the posts, where she keeps a draft with the links, then she just takes her post and re- posts it in that. Ta da!

  25. says

    To be honest, I’ve never had a problem putting buttons on my post. Sure, it can be a little tedious, but who cares? I’ve seen so much traffic from parties like this so I think the host deserves the recognition. Thanks for hosting!

  26. says

    I appreciate when big time bloggers like yourself open the doors for others to share their ideas to a larger-than-my-family fan club… Thanks for hosting!

  27. Laura @ Our House Of Joyful Noise says

    Hi Kim!!

    I just began really participating in Linky- Parties, and just started my own Linky Party at my blog on Tuesdays. So these questions of etiquette and the ” do’s, don’ts, and won’t you please’s ” have been swimming around in my mind a LOT lately. I have very much been trying to find the most beneficial and fair way to participate in other’s linky parties, as well as invite others to mine, on a regular basis.

    So putting other’s linky-party tags in your sidebar is an acceptable practice, YES?? You didn;t mention that option, but I was reading some of the comments here. When I first started participating in other’s parties, I tried linking where I linked up, right IN the post I linked. But editing the post over and over, for each one, was extremely time consuming, and had to be done again every week. So I decided just letting the tags LIVE in my sidebar was fair. Although I have a huge blog, that has 7 sections – with 7 different sidebars! Once I get going here, I do hope to have linky-parties in sections other than my Crafts & Creations at my place. For ex., I wanted to link up my Earth Day Cupcakes at various places last week, including here, but that is in the Vittles section of my blog, (recipes/food fun), and I need to get yours & others tags in the sidebar there for list. So places I love to link up most, will have tags multiple times in sidebars, at my blog soon. I just need to watch which places are most fun & beneficial to link-up, and which blogs I truly enjoy myself the most. So….figuring it all out as I go here!

    Oh goodness, sorry for the long comment. Like I said, you touched on a topic I have been thinking a lot about lately! I’m glad you did though, as I learn the ins and outs. I’ve been blogging for many years, but linky-parties are new to me. Wish I was at Creative Estates! That must have been something.

  28. Laura @ Our House Of Joyful Noise says

    P.S. THANKS FOR HOSTING!! I also always try to visit & comment several other links in the parties I link up at, as well as the host’s posts. (This is one of my favorite places for sure.)

    • Kim says

      Laura, that’s the fun for everyone. Everyone gets more traffic! Happy to send it their way.

  29. Krafty Kat says

    I think you have just inspired me to ditch my linky party page! It has been a hassle since I started it!

  30. says

    I agree with you that we need to learn a little bit more etiquette. I’m new at blogging, so I don’t always “follow the rules”, but it’s mainly because I’m “uneducated”. I’m learning slowly. There are some blogs that I love and want to emulate them, but I’m not sure how. I’m learning, which is a good thing. Perhaps I’ll develop dementia a little less early. ;)
    I offer free SVG files on my site for craft cutters (Cricut, etc.) and I’m surprised at the number of people who download them for their own use without leaving even a quick thanks. Oh, well. That’s not really why I do it.
    Thanks for the linky party. You’re right- I am trying to get more traffic, but it’s really for the purpose of encouraging and empowering people. Hopefully, that task is accomplished.
    Fondly, Tami

  31. says

    So, Kim, is a side bar link ok? I want to play fair. I agree that to put a link to every linky party in every post is just too much work. I don’t have that kind of time. I actually have your link at the bottom of my blog because it is too dang wide for my side bar. I wish you had a thinner link button. Anyway, I do not want to break any rules or make any bloggers feel bad. As a new blogger I definitely appreciate the exposure I get from participating in linky parties.

    Please let me know if what I am doing is ok with you!

    • Kim says

      side bar links are great. Thank you. My button is obnoxious, sorta like me. I do have a new design coming. You can use my smaller button if you want, it’s on my side bar.

  32. says

    thank you so much for keeping the link party going! I have found so many great ideas and blogs to follow through these parties, it would be a pity to see it ever vanish! I am always happy to have your button linked on my blog!

  33. says

    Thanks for hosting!!
    I am one of the dummies who doesn’t know how to use the link back featured…I already email ya but if anyone else reads this and can teach me I’m all ears!! :)

    • Kim says

      I’m working on a tutorial. You’re right, now everyone knows how to link. I didn’t when I first started. Thank you for your honesty.

  34. zeemaid says

    I hear you! Like when the host asks people to leave a comment after they link up and then you see only 3 comments but 40 links.

    • Kim says

      Comments do take more time, but of course we ALL love to get them. I know it’s harder for me to leave a quick comment on blogspot sites, than wp. If a person is benefiting from someone’s site or work, they should follow the rules.

  35. says

    Great post on blog etiquette! The link parties should be a win/win for the host and the partiers! I’m so grateful to all the link hosts for allowing me to link up.
    Thanks for another great linky party!

  36. Terry says

    First, I want to say thank you for hosting! I wouldn’t have people coming to my little blog and reading my posts without the dedication and time that you, and the other hosts of link parties, give to us every week. I don’t think it’s possible for me to say how much I appreciate it! What I try to do, however, is to give each of you credit, to read your posts, to stay up to date on what is happening on your blogs, and to refer as many people as possible back to your sites. I know it’s never enough, and that hosting link parties must be a ton of work, but I want you to know that I am so thankful for each of you!

  37. says

    I’m one of those people who has a linky page that is separate from my posts (which is linked to at the bottom of the posts that I link up). What I’ve gathered form these comments is that you don’t see much traffic from that type of page . . . but that page is one of the most popular ones on my whole blog (like 3rd most hits). Not sure where that puts me, but I already have way too much going on in my sidebar that I want to get rid of and move elsewhere . . . adding all the great linky buttons would make the page take even longer to load. Wonder what the solution is? Anyway, thanks for hosting, and for being candid on your feelings. I know that a lot of people link and run.

    • Kim says

      Thanks for your feedback. That’s good to learn that it’s your 3rd most popular. I would be curious though as to how many actually click on TCB. LOL I know linky party pages are a great way to keep your blog clean and to have all your parties all in one place. I totally get that. But, I do wonder how much it benefits me? me me me….. :) I’ll have to look in my stats for clicks from Skooksplayground.
      Thank you for at least having that.

  38. Jenny says

    I enjoy seeing what creative things everyone is making. Since, I don’t have as much time to be as creative as I use to be. Now that I am in school. I have your cute button on my side bar. Where I know my mother clicks each day to visit.

    It was nice to find out what the etiquette is for a party such as this. What I find amazing is we are all searching for the love(comments) yet I don’t think we are getting the way we want them. I know that I have been blogging for some time, years now. You gave me a nice blog critic that had me re-thinking my purpose for blogging.

    I will start leaving more comments after I enjoy reading a post. I think it is neat what you are doing for crafters.

    Have a super Tuesday!

  39. vikki says

    Well I must say I would be sad if you stopped having your parties. I don’t have a blog, but as a blog stalker I enjoy each and every link.

  40. says

    I’m a new blogger, and really appreciate you gals who host link parties. One, it gives me a chance to share my latest creations, and Two, it exposes me to all the wonderful blogs out there! So thanks for hosting :)

  41. Laura@ComeTogetherKids says

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I’m pretty new to blogging and very new to linking up to great parties like yours, so I’ve been just trying to figure out the etiquette as I go along. I do put a text link back to the host in all the posts I link up. If I have a few windows open and click on the little pencil icon to edit from the post itself, it’s not that much extra work. Plus, I’m sure it takes awhile to set up a link party, so a few extra clicks on my part is no big deal.

    I also have a “linked up” page where I try to remember to put all the buttons. Some of them are so cute, and I know they took awhile to design and everything, but I couldn’t always get them to “behave” and line up the way I wanted them in a post, so I gave them their own page and kept just the text links in the post itself.

    What I have been neglectful on, though, is commenting to thank my host. I know how jazzed I get when someone leaves me a comment on a post. I totally need to start saying a quick thanks for those who take the time to host parties where I get tons of great ideas.

    Thanks again!

  42. Heather {WhipperBerry} says

    Amen!! Thank you, thank you for laying out the etiquette ground rules.


  43. Marsha says

    Thanks so much for the info!

    I have a very small blog for family and friends to see our home renovation progress, and am inspired to expand my blog to include every day life. The problem is that since coming to that decision, I haven’t blogged a thing because I am very unfamiliar with how to do it “pretty like”, and properly, and am suddenly terrified!

    Bits of info such as this are helpful in my search to learn how to blog, so again, than you. If you are aware of any good, simple to follow guides out there, I would much appreciate the nudge in the right direction!

    Oh, and I love your link parties, and if I ever figure out how to do that, I’ll be sure to give credit and follow the rules! For now I have linked you up on my sidebar as a blog I am following just because I know some friends who would also enjoy your blog…

  44. Maddie says

    Thanks so much for your forthright honestly… I tried to get my linky to work and have no idea why it will not pull the photo so if you need to pull it down please do.. i will still leave your link up at the bottom on my post :)

    You are too good not to share :)


  45. says

    I appreciate that you explained all this. I’m pretty sure I do it right now, but in the beginning I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I don’t know if I always did it the right way or not. Becoming a blogger is super-easy, but being a considerate, polite & well-meaning blogger is much harder. Thanks for sharing this info and for hosting.

  46. says

    I try to be good when I link to anything…I get the you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. I put the button and/or link in the post and always (almost) comment when I do link up (unless it is a giveaway related thing…I do not enter many of those…unless it is for a silhouette or a free ticket somewhere…ha, ha!). Some people just do not get it or realize how much work a linky is – or just did not realize the etiquette (and of course they should read this!). My linky is much smaller than yours and it is a ton of work.

  47. says

    Wow, what a great party! I just linked up for the first time! There’s so much great inspiration here!

    I happily displayed your link on my post, I like to share! lol
    Thanks for hosting!
    Happy Easter!

  48. says

    I join a few link parties every week. This is my first time on yours, but I think your requests are perfectly reasonable and a bit simpler! I always put a button in the post or in my sidebar, and when the button is in my sidebar, I put a text link in the post. This is nicer on my browser and it means that the button is on my blog all week, not just on the day I join a link party.

  49. Laura@art4littlehands says

    I started my first link party today and I only have two entries after half a day of it being up. I started mine to get people to start sharing crafts that are more kid oriented than product oriented. It seemed a lot of craft blogs for kids are more about the product not the process. I guess I was premature to start a link party. How do you get people to actually participate. I wouldn’t even complain if they didn’t follow the rules. It would just make me happy to feel some of the love out there.

  50. Jamielyn Nye says

    Very well said! I’ll scratch yours, if you scratch mine. :) Love it! I honestly stopped linking up to parties the past month. It did take a lot of time, and I didn’t see to much traffic from them. I also had one of those “link pages” but realize after reading this that I probably should of put all the buttons on each post. Oh well live and learn. That’s a good idea though of just copying and pasting html into each post. Once I start linking up again I’ll definitely still link up to yours and add your cute button! Thanks for always hosting a great party!

  51. Sarah says

    I’m glad you said. As a reader with out a blog, I like the opportunity to find another blog that I may be interested in so I do peak at the links to see if its going to be a new addition to my Google Reader. I feel mislead when I get teleported to an Etsy shop. It seems like a bait and switch. I’m expecting a toutorial, not a purchase opportunity. If at the end or your toutorial there is a link to your Etsy shop, that seems more than fair.

  52. Amanda @ Serenity Now says

    Hi, Kim! I was just on another blog that mentioned this post (positively) so I thought I’d pop over to read this. I remember another post you wrote about linking back, and I think this one is spot-on too! Linking back/joining blog parties are a quid pro quo thing for sure. It has taken me months and months and months to grow my own weekly blog party up to around 100 links or so…because only a very small percentage of participants bother to link back within their posts. That, in turn, makes it virtually impossible for other readers to find out about my party, stop by, link up, etc.

    I feel like the people who link to my parties get a lot more out of it lately than I do. I comment on each post (b/c there are usually around 100, maybe less), do features, and they receive comments from others. I, on the other hand, might receive one new Follower for the weekend, and some comments from my regular readers who are kind enough to stop by and interact. :s

    I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I sometimes wonder if bloggers just don’t want readers to know how many parties they are actually linking a post to. I’ve seen some posts linked to as many as 80 or 90 parties. So, of course (!) that would make your blog posts look cluttered if you were adding all of those links to your posts each day.

    I think the key would be for everyone to calm down, reevaluate how they are treating others, and stop being so frantic to get their name out there. I think good growth can come to a blog when a blogger works at networking, good content, and basic etiquette. My blog is not huge, but those things have helped me.

    Off my soapbox…just had to share. You’re not the only hostess who is frustrated.