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Being creative is so much more fun than not…..wouldn’t you agree?  Even if it doesn’t turn out the way you intended, it was still a great little mental break.  I especially like the crafty crafts that are simple, but hold that “oh why didn’t I think of that” reaction.

Today’s feature is just like that. She has some really cool and thought out tutorials.  Some more difficult than others, some really simple.  Maybe that’s why she’s called Simply Modern Mom.

Her site is clean, simple and very well organized.  I love that.  Fun stuff.  Like these Mustaches……….So much fun to be had with those.  Great party ice breakers for sure.  It’s one of her many tutorials!  imageShe will show you step by step on how she made them….image I love step by step instructions.image Full of variety.  She also has a great tutorial on how to make glass pendants.  Still not quiet sure where she gets the glass squares, so I’ll have to make another trip back to her site and read that tutorial again.  image I just love the way that looks.  So organized and all.image She recently re-decorated her master bedroom.  I’ll let you head over to see it.  But I love this canvas art she did……looks like she used some collage methods.  It turned out great don’t you think?  How fun would this be with a family tree?  image OK, don’t get angry and start throwing things at me…….but I couldn’t resist this snowflake she made….I know we’re so done with cold weather……well most of us…..but let’s just bank this idea for next year.  image If you’re not into snowflakes, then how about a really yummy gooey brownie?  Oh heavens!  She has lots and lots of recipes on her site too.  imageBecause my readers are the best at surprising people……..head on over and let’s surprise her about her feature.  Leave her a warm brownie comment.


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