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The Witches’ Caldron

 Halloween Theme

I am trying to get my home decorated for Halloween. I always have grand ideas to really do it up, have a fabulous party for my son and be the coolest house on the block. So far…….I have mum’s on the porch and a few un-carvedpumpkins. Sad. But I still have time, right?decorating for halloween

With Elizabeth and Simone’s Witches Caldron site completely dedicated to Halloween, I now have hope.

decorating for halloween

Halloween Decorations

So when I clicked on this site, it gave me that feeling like “YES, I can do this.” She has lots of cool Halloween photos for ideas and has done all the homework for where to find items you fall in love with.decorating for halloween

Now…………I must get busy………….If I’m decorating for Halloween, does that mean I can leave the floors dirty? That’s scary isn’t it? Or leave the cob webs up?