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Halloween with Matthew Mead GIVEAWAY!

My good friend Linda (gotta name drop when I can), Executive Editor of Holiday with Matthew Mead, emailed me over the weekend and asked if I’d like to give one of the new Halloween with Matthew Mead magazines away.  DUH! I emailed her back saying she never even needs to ask……..that TCB readers LOVE Matthew Mead and would LOVE a chance to enter!

Click here to enter to win Halloween with Matthew Mead

Holiday with Matthew Mead

Even I am starting to get a teensy teensy bit excited for Fall.  Not completely, but magazines like this do help. Maybe this will be the year that I add Halloween decoration to my home that doesn’t scream tacky.


Holiday with Matthew Mead


Guidelines to Enter- Win a copy of the Halloween with Matthew Mead Magazine

  • Click here to enter.
  • or Click on the “Giveaway” icon on my Facebook Page.
  • Follow the instructions to enter……they’re simple.  I promise.
  • Enter before Wednesday, Sept 5th



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