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Harry Potter Birthday Party

I’m gonna try to stay focused while I write this…….I have 5 boys running amuck throughout the house playing nerf wars………why they don’t do this outside….or why don’t they play badminton since I just spent 30 minutes putting the net up…….

Martha Shmartha

You all know how I love a monogram right?  And this one just happens to be the same initial as my last name!  I think she should give it to me.  image But just in case she doesn’t send it to me, she’s got a great tutorial I can follow.image

Good Ole Freezer paper stenciling. image Lookin good….image  She’s crazy for her Silhouette too.  But I can’t for the life of me understand how she had the patience to do this.  So glad she did……it’s so cute.imageMore fun vinyl stuff using her Silhouette.  Adding vinyl to a mirror is such a great idea.image I can hardly bring myself to think about anything dealing with school right now.  But I know some of you are starting in August and we can always tuck away great teacher gift ideas.  image

Don’t you love it when a simple idea becomes something spectacular?

I mean a box of sugar cookies are a nice gift….nothing too WOW about it, but when you add the stamping to each cookie…….now that’s WOW!image Place them in a cute simple bakery box and you’ve got yourself a great gift.  This one may be perfect for my son’s middle school teachers.image Are you a Harry Potter fan?  Have you read all the books?  I read them all last summer.  I forced myself to start that first one……so glad I did. They were amazing.  Then I forced my husband to read them…..much faster than me, just so I could discuss it with him.

Anyhooo…..she threw the best Hogwarts party ever!  She really outdid herself.  image image Making her own flag using the Hogwarts crest, printing it on fabric……Great idea!  Then the cake!  THE CAKE!  It’s the snitch.  But the real fun begins when you cut into it.  Berts Beans fall out!  WOW.  So if you’re looking for ideas for the perfect Harry Potter party…….it doesn’t have to be a birthday party….you’ll have to check out hers.  image

Thanks so much for all the comments.  I love them and read each one.  You do realize that each comment left brings you closer to winning a Lisa Leonard necklace?  Yep it does.  image

Be sure to visit my featured blogger and smother her with pats on the back.  Isn’t that what you’d want?  :)

Now if you’ll excuse me while I get nerf bullets out of my tangled hair.