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Having a Flash Back..

It’s a flash back Monday!  Between Spring Break ending, Easter and Taxes and a sugar coma (I haven’t had sugar for 6 weeks until today) I just didn’t have it in me to write a new feature. 

So how about a flash back to one of my favs. 

Thrifty Decor Chick (here’s her original post)

No matter when you visit her site, she has something to spark your interest.  Her blog is one of the fastest growing home decor blogs………of course I’m sure it’s because I featured her.  Right?  :)  Something tells me she didn’t need my help.

A recent trip to her site had me focused on this adorable project.  Turning a gumball machine into a fish bowl.  I may even reconsider getting another fish. (our last beta fish lived for 3.5 yrs…took forever for him to die.  I’m currently waiting for the frog to kick it.  He’s going on 4 yrs.  He’s blind in one eye and tries to eat your hand when you put fresh water in his habitat.)

imageShe is also pretty handy with a few power tools.  She decided to take the carpet off her stairs.  I’m going to do this soon.  My husband doesn’t know it yet, but he’s helping.

  image Doesn’t it look amazing!imageShe’ll also show you how to add some molding.  Do it Yourself Style.image She’s good at walking you through taking ugly stuff like this and making it useful.image  Add chalkboard paint to pretty much anything and it’s better.imageAnd look at this.   I didn’t stick around long enough to see if this was actually something she did…….but she does show you how you too can have a Christmas tree made out of Mountain Dew cans.image

Gawd, I love the internet.  :)

Even though she’s a past feature, please head over and tell her I’m scratching her back, showing her off, talking her up…….


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