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Helpful Tips for Everyday Living

Where did we get our helpful tips before the internet?  I suppose we had to read up or actually talk and ask someone. :)  Allison’s blog House of Hepworths is FULL of helpful tips and ideas for running your household.

Household Tips

Once again, I totally thought I had already featured her.  But after a quick search on TCB, I didn’t see one. DOH! What I love about Allison’s blog is the money saving, do it yourself attitude and all the household tips.  That girl will figure it out……..she’s not just going to throw in the towel and hire someone without trying it first herself.

Household Tips & Tricks

Loving this household trick in making lined drapes! After reading her tutorial on how to make lined curtain panels, she almost has me convinced I could do it myself, with my limited sewing & fabric experience. Her’s turned out amazing…….I am loving that fabric.DIY Drapes

Sometimes some of the simplest changes make the biggest difference. This painted and monogrammed soap dispenser is daBomb.  So easy, but boy does it look great!!!monogrammed soap dispenser

Another “Aha! idea”……..covering the toilet with a garbage sack while painting.  Now that’s a helpful tip!  I’ll be sure to remember to tell my husband that. :) Painting around a toilet


Seems like I tried making these when my son was little……I don’t remember them turning out so great…but I may have to give them another try. Cupcake Cones! How to make Ice Cream Cone CupcakesShe has a great tutorial on how she made them and she even created her own baking pan to make the whole process better.  Your kids will LOVE these!

Allison loves her Silhouette as much as I do and has use it to tackle her son’s lego collection. This is the kind of organizing I love!  Brilliant!

labels for organizing legos


I hope you’ll head on over to the House of Hepworths and see what kind of helpful hints and tricks you can find. While your there, tell her she’s been featured……..otherwise…….she may never know. :)


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