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Holiday Entertaining Tips

This post brought to you by Bed Bath & Beyond. All opinions are 100% mine.

Holiday Entertaining Tips and Ideas

Whoa! Who knew Bed Bath & Beyond had so many Holiday Entertaining Tips? I knew they had amazing products for Holiday Entertaining, but I’m finding Bed Bath & Beyond has a ton of inspiration to plan a Holiday Your Way.

Each week, Bed Bath & Beyond will serve up freshly baked ideas and videos with expert advice to help you stay on track as you prepare for all your holiday celebrations.

Holiday Entertaining Tips |

Even though I’ve set up many buffets or drink stations, I still learned something new from their Setting a Buffet  video and their Set Up a Bar  video. I love a good “Aha! Moment”.

Holiday Entertaining Tips |

Love the tip on getting a microfiber table cloth for no stains!  (Duh Kim!)

We’re hosting 3 parties in the month of December so I’m definitly using a few of these tips.

  1. Blogging event
  2. Annual Cookie Decorating Party
  3. Pinehollow “The Lake” Ugly Sweater Party

If you’re hosting a party or wanting to, they have a list of Holiday Party Themes to choose from and how to carry it off.

Holiday Entertaining Tips |

Check out their list of ideas for throwing the perfect Kids Holiday Party. That’s exactly how we started our annual Cookie Decorating party with 3 other families. We’re going on our 12th year. Often, it’s the only time of year we see each other, seeing the kids getting bigger and bigger. It’s been amazing to see some come home from college to attend. They love it just as much as the adults!


Because most parties are surrounded around food, Bed Bath & Beyond can also help in the Holiday Recipes department.  Don’t fuss…..keep it simple.

Overnight Guests

If you find yourself with overnight guests or family coming for Christmas, this handy Guest Room check list is pretty nice. Great way to make your guest feel comfortable and welcome.

Holiday Entertaining Tips |

Ok, I think we’ve covered everything you’ll need.

What are your best holiday tips, tricks and treats? We can always learn something new!

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  1. says

    We always try to do a pot luck type style get together if we are hosting. That helps alleviate some of the stress of providing everything.

  2. Teri says

    Thanks for the tips! I am at a loss tho, I am hosting a buffet style dinner. How do I set the Dining table? With the Plates and Drinks at the Buffet, I am worried my Place settings will look bare. Any ideas?

    • says

      If you’re wanting a sit down dinner, then I would set the table and have them grab their plate from their spot……go through the buffet and head back to the table to eat. That’s how we do it for Thanks giving.