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Linda with Restyled Home

Home Styling

Linda is the gal you call when you want to re-stage your home. Maybe you’re selling? Maybe you just want a new look. She’s got style……home style!

Restyled Home

She has so many great ideas on her blog. Beautiful photos of ideas. Organizational ideas. Fun stuff.
She wants her house to be beautiful, but functional. I am so inspired by the variety of ideas she shares. I have recently been inspired to dig out my husbands and son’s silouette’s and place them on my photo wall. What a perfect idea! And I learned it all on her blog!
Loving the look of this chalk board with the wall words and stool. Simple, beautiful, lots of charm.
I can’t wait for our IDEA to open in July. I’m not going to camp out or anything, but once the crowds die down. I am looking for this bucket holder. It may be a Pottery Barn item, but I bet IKEA has something that will work just as good.
I might even do the laundry if my room was this cute. Those letters give me a great idea.

Linda is one of my sweetest visitors. She always leaves me such nice comments. You know how I love comments…… leave me one.