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How to Make an Owl

You know you’re getting up there when you start re-living trends.  Like owls! Owls were all the rage in the 70′s, I remember them well…….and now they’re back.  Looking a little hipper and stealing your heart for one more round. CraftBerry Bush will teach you how to make an owl out of an old plastic pop bottle.

Owl Craft

She has a full step by step tutorial on how she made this little guy.  Not only do you learn how to make an owl, but you help save the planet too! Maybe you’re re-living the trend for the 3rd time?……. owl crafts - recycled crafts

If owls aren’t your thing, she’s got a couple of other ideas to make with a recycled pop bottle.

recycled crafts

Her site is FULL of inspiration for Fall! Her Mantel is to die for…….I’m posting both last years and this. Stunning! Looks like baskets are coming back in…….I’ve lived that trend too.  Love how she places decorative items in the center. Decorating a Fall Mantel

I keep meaning to try this. Spooky Spiders Yarn Ball.  It looks simple enough and I love how they look.  It’s something kids could help with too. She has a step by step tutorial.

Decorating for Halloween

This gal is tenacious. She wasn’t going to be fooled into paying top dollar for those jars with knotted twine……she figured out to make them herself! And lucky us, she has another step by step tutorial giving you instructions on how to make all these knots! Decorating with Jars

I think this is my favorite! I loved cruising through her blog and finding so many original ideas.  I have seen spray painted pasta, but nothing like this.  This is beautiful! All her originality is what all those magazines must have found in her.  She’s been in a few!

Easy Crafts

I know you’re going to enjoy her blog. Be sure to tell her it’s the Best Day of Her Life!





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