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If You Give a Mouse Cookie

Can we talk about bar stools?  My husband and son were gone all weekend, which left me to organize parts of my home I find it hard to get to.  With them gone, I can move faster, get more done……….and when I move fast, it never fails.  I cut the corner in my kitchen and BAM!  I run into my bar stool.  You see it’s the perfect height to get me right in the chest.  OUCH!  So on one of my breaks from cleaning and organizing, I starting looking up backless stools.  I found these two beauties.  Could you just die?  Which one would you choose?  I think I’m leaning toward #2.  And it’s less expensive. I found them on this site.……which has so many different styles.

I like my current ones, I even have fabric that matches my family room pillows and my kitchen valence.  I bought them from my old neighbor at a garage sale. They’re durable……but even before hitting my chest for the 14,000 time, I was starting to think I needed a different style. Looking at this photo, I really need to get my new drawer hardware up.  And I have been meaning to add the bead board that match my walls to the under side of the bar.  Then, who knows……..maybe I’ll paint it black?

Looking at photos of your home is kind of dangerous………It’s like the book, “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie”.  It just snowballs all the creative juices.


  • Did you see the cool video Amy did?  She made a video tutorial on how to link up to Get Your Craft On.  So cool.  She’ll be giving us different tutorials 2x a month.
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  • Dipped Wax Leaf Garland- I was hoping to do one of these this weekend.



  1. says

    It figures the 2nd one would be cheaper. I seem to have a natural ability to choose the most expensive item in a blind test. ;-) That said they are both similar enough that I would choose the cheaper one to save some cash.

  2. says

    I am totally with you on the snowball effect of looking at potential home decor projects. Every time I finish one thing I think of at least two more I want to tackle. LOL!
    Oh, and I love both of those bars tools, but I’m a little more partial to the second one as well. So pretty!

  3. nik says

    I like #1…it looks more comfortable and less tip-over-able.
    Great site…I love those fold-up bar sets!