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Jake and the Never Land Birthday Bash!

Ever since I went to Disney last November, I’ve been loving all things Disney.  I have been asked several times by readers on where to get Disney Birthday Ideas! So, when Disney asked me to share this “Jake and the Never Land Birthday Bash” video with you……..I KNEW it would be perfect for all you planning birthday parties! Jake and the Never Land Pirate birthday parties!

There are some GREAT ideas!  I wish this would have been around about 10 years ago when I threw a pirate party for my son.  I tried making one of those pirate ship cakes……… lets just say it looked more like a ship wreck. I could have used some help with these ideas.

If you’ve got little ones in the house, you’ll want to gather around the Disney channel Friday morning to celebrate Jake’s Birthday with Disney Junior this Friday March 1st during a special episode, Jake’s Birthday Bash – 8:30a/7:30c on the Disney Channel. 

Oh how I miss those days, cuddled up on the couch watching a few shows on the Disney Channel.

Are you motivated to throw your own Jake and the Never Land Pirate party? I found a few ideas on Disney’s site, (psst, I’m one of their contributors now!)

Free printables for an adorable cake topper.

Jake the Never land Birthday Party ideas

Or how about a stencil for cupcakes! 
Jake the Never Land Pirate birthday party

Or a Simple Pirate’s Booty Bag
Jake the Never Land Pirate birthday

And what party is complete without a game?  Jake the Never Land Pirate Birthday Party

Check out the show (Friday 8:30am / 7:30 c)  and check out the video for more ideas!






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    So fun! I wish more of these ideas were on Disney when I was planning the Jake party I had two years ago. The kids still had a lot of fun, but I had to come up with the ideas all on my own! (Jake and the Never Land Pirates had only been on-air for a few months.)