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Just Paint It!

Painting Furniture

Painted furniture is one of my favorite things. This is a bold statement, and I may change my mind someday, but I think all wood furniture should be painted. Yep, I do.  Just say NO to glossy wood or oak.  Now if you happen to love glossy wood or oak, that’s OK…….it really is.  I believe we should have furniture that reflects our personality and we love! And for me…….it’s painted.  Recently, I even painted my door handles.  No more brass for me.

Old House True Love


How to Paint Furniture

This talented blogger has made a business from refinishing and painting furniture.  How fun would that be?  Her prices are really reasonable too.  Another blogger who I wished was my neighbor.  I had a great time looking through her shop and her archives at all the pieces she’s done. She gives tutorials and details for how she paints her pieces. before and after painted furniture

I was reminded of her blog after she posted on Get Your Craft On with this project.  The birch wood door decoration is my new quest.  She has a full tutorial on how she did it.  I love how it looks on her black door, and I think it will look equally nice on my red door.  I’m suddenly excited to get my holiday porch going!

painting your door

Painting Techniques

Sometimes you don’t have to paint the WHOLE piece.

painting furniture

Adding personality with just a stencil is so fun!  This EAT is perfect!   I loved seeing her home and her style.  So much personality, so many great ideas.  Speaking of her home………you are going to die!

Would you look at that porch?  And that sun room?  Sigh…….and that garage.  It’s bad when a garage makes you swoon. painting an old farmhouse

I hope you’ll head over and leave her LOTS of comments so she thinks I’m really cool.



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    oh my!!!! thank you for the awesome feature!!!!! and i think you are really cool!!!! even before the feature!!!! you made my day! : )

  2. says

    Love her style! I’m a big fan of painting furniture too, but have been a little hesitant about it. Going to go pour over her painting tips. Maybe it will give me the courage to just do it.

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    I also like painted furniture…. but I could never paint over some of my older oak pieces. One my husband would disown me and it’ll probably be popular again in my life time! I decorate with a mix of both painted and stained! Love your blog; keep up the good work!