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Klutz Books- Encyclopedia Of Immaturity

With winter break coming, I know you’ll be looking for fun and simple activities for the kids.  There is nothing better than the books from Klutz for kids activities. Kids love their quirky nature and mom’s love them because they keep the kids engaged and unplugged.

klutz books

klutz books Truth be told, you don’t need to be a kid to enjoy Klutz books.  Since becoming a Klutz Crew Brand Ambassador, I’ve had the opportunity to really evaluate what Klutz carries. Their variety really is amazing. I think I’ve  had just as much fun playing with them as my son has.  Remember the Spiral Draw?   LOVE IT! And the Window Art?  My son just asked me yesterday if we’re making window art for Christmas. (of course we are!)  Klutz books are more than just reading…….they are FULL of activities…….the best part?  They come with ALL the supplies needed. Mom’s LOVE THAT! And kids love that.

My son has been having fun with the Encyclopedia of Immaturity.  Could there be a better book for boys?  Klutz books

He decided to grab the little guys next door and planned a few activities he thought they would enjoy.

klutz books

Of course most had something to do with blowing something up, or shooting something across the room.  I couldn’t help but pull the video camera out. This kept them busy for at least an hour.

Tip: pay whoever picks up the most marshmallows $1. :)

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The Encyclopedia of Immaturity

The ultimate how-not-to-grow-up guide. The Encyclopedia of Immaturity® contains more than 300 entries: How to Skip a Stone, How to Do a Wheelie, How to Hang a Spoon from Your Nose, How to Really Annoy Your Older Sibling — all painstakingly explicated and illuminated with full-color photographs, illustrations, diagrams, and the occasional footnote.

For ages 8 and up

Price: $19.95