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Knock it Off….

OK, I’m just telling you now that I do not possess the skills to do any of what my featured blogger does.  But I know many of you do.  So really…….this is basically a public service announcement.  Many of you already know about her. She’s been featured by everyone and their dog……so I wasn’t going to feature her….since you probably already know about her…….then I saw my I love TCb button on her blog and she hooked me.  She loves me.  She really does. 

I am in awe of this gal Ana at Knock Off Wood.

  She completely overwhelms me and at the same time makes me SO angry she is not my neighbor.  

She is crazy talented making all this furniture.  Why spend big bucks on name brand furniture…..that I won’t mention here, because instead of being flattered by us blogging women, some of these “name brand” companies like to play bully. 

Ana’s site is FULL of different types of furniture that you can make. She supplies the plans for FREE!  FREE!  She even has a few videos showing you tips. 

I’m particularly interested in this Murphy Bed.  I have been wanting one of these in our daylight basement forever!image This is where she loses me……..but you might be smarter than me and could do this.image

How would you like to have these cool cubby shelves for a fraction of the price?  Yep she has the plans and shows you EVERYTHING you need to build these.  So inspiring.image I LOVE this bench.  LOVE!  Looking at it, I’m starting to actually believe I could make it.  She how she wears you down?image Who doesn’t covet those cool entry way cubby benches and coat hangers?  And usually they’re going to cost you about $500. image But Ana, Wonder Woman, can show you how to make it for around $50!  NO WAY! ………..WAY!


Ooooh, I am sending these plans to my sis right away…….oh wait……she’s even less crafty than me……but look at these lounge chairs?  These would be perfect for laying around her pool this summer when I visit her.   I can just image laying there sipping on my margarita….oh wait…..I’ll be in Utah. image image Dang!  This looks like our Children’s Museum.  That is one lucky little girl.  image

What I love about Ana’s site, is that she makes us rethink our abilities.  She saves us a TON of money and she shares everything so freely.  I really think she should have her own show on HGTV…….don’t you?

Maybe if enough of us drop them an email about her, they’ll figure it out.

image Just a reminder that BIG things are happening here on Tuesday.  It’s our Spring Fling,  Myself and the other Chic Chick Media girls (tip junkie, SITS, Skip to my Lou) are giving away 2 prizes per hour!  YES WE ARE!  One here and one in our blog frog communities.  Please join my blog frog community.  We’ll be chatting it up every day about all things inspiring.