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Library In a Box Giveaway!

Nominate Your Favorite Teacher!

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Another giveaway!

I know many of you like to acknowledge your child’s teacher or school during the holidays and I thought this would be a great giveaway. Even if you no longer have kids in elementary school, this would still be a great gift to the school in your community.

As part of the FedEx One Rate/Countless Possibilities Through Education Campaign, I get to give away TWO  ”Library in a Box” prize packages. ($125 value each) One for you and one for the teacher in your community.

FedEx One Rate

  • Top 5 Best-Selling Books from Amazon for Kids at the grade level (and for teacher packs) and kids age (for parent packs)
  • $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • Book Plate Stickers or a Book plate Stamp from Etsy
  • Letter from FedEx / Countless Possibilities

Keep reading for entry details.

How great of FedEx to support such a program! I love my FedEx man……he has either figured out that I do a lot of product reviews, or he thinks I have a shopping addiction. Doesn’t everyone know the first name of their FedEx guy?  One thing he does know, he knows I like oatmeal since I had a big glob of it on my shirt once when I had to sign for a package. You always realize these things afterwards. Hey, at least I had a bra on.

The FedEx ONE RATE shipping option will come in handy for holiday shipping! Who needs more fuss this time of year?


We are very fortunate to live in one of the top rated school districts. We moved from our hip urban neighborhood 11 years ago to the tiny town of Camas Washington where the schools are rated very high. During our elementary years, I was active with the schools, wanting to support the teachers in any way I could. Yes, I was even on the PTA….for years. Looking back at my sons elementary years, I can see which teachers really made a difference with his self esteem, his education and how he felt about school overall. I think his 5th grade teachers (he had 3 – math, science and language arts)  were pivotal. 2 of them recognized his learning style right away with math. They took a kid who thought he was “dumb” in math due to past teasing and made him realize he was actually one of the high scorers. He still talks about those teachers……..they obviously made a life long impression on him.FedEx

Is there a teacher in your community that deserves to be nominated? This contest is open until December 12th, so get your nominations in.

The FedEx One Rate flat rate shipping option makes it so much nicer for any of you needing to send a bunch of packages, but it gives you countless possibilities for helping your community by helping students and teachers through this campaign.FedEx One Rate

I’m thinking FedEx rocks!

  •  Help support a school by voting on teacher-submitted videos starting December 4. The grand prize winning school will receive $25,000.
  •  Ship using FedEx One Rate this holiday season and you’ll be supporting the countless possibilities delivered through education. FedEx will donate $1 to Teach For America for every FedEx One Rate shipment now through December 23, up to $300,000.
  • Use #CountlessPossibilities on your social networks now through December 23 and FedEx will donate $1 to Teach For America, up to $300,000.


Who wants to enter?

This post is sponsored by FedEx through One2One Network. As always, I only share what may be valuable to my readers and of course it’s always my opinion.