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How I Make Money Blogging

I get asked all the time how I make money blogging.

When I started blogging YEARS ago, no one made money blogging……well I’m sure there were a few making money, but for the most part, we pioneer bloggers didn’t even know we could make money!  As my readership grew, not only did my expenses grow (hiring a programmer, paying for a server, designers, paying for domains… etc)  so did the attention I received from people wanting access to my readers.  I try really hard to only accept campaigns that offer something to my readers as much as to me.   Many campaigns come directly to me, but many come from Social Spark and other ad networks.

Social Spark is always looking for bloggers of all levels. They have paid campaigns starting at $5 to much higher depending on your traffic. You choose what campaigns you want.  So if you’re a new blogger, don’t let traffic get in your way.

 I’d sign up anyway and get started.

You blog. You Profit. Sign up for SocialSpark!
Blogging has opened the door for so many mom’s to work at home.  It’s become pretty savvy in that people expect a lot more from a blog than they did 6 yrs ago.  You gotta do your homework now. If you’re looking to improve your blog, I’d save your pennies to take my friend Laurie’s class, Mom Blog to Money Blog. She walks you through (at your own pace) teaching you exactly what to add, change and how your blog should be laid out to grow. It’s the best hand holding you’ll find.

Mom Blog to Money Blog
If you have any more questions, I’m happy to help.



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    I so want to take this class, unfortunately, a family emergency has put that on hold. I do have a question about monetizing. Is it possible to monetize on a blog hosted by blogger or should you get a programmer and a your own domain? In this economy a little extra money would help so much.

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      Ruth, yes………you can stay on blogger. If switching to Word Press right now isn’t best for you, it’s no biggie. I know a few larger blogs that are still on Blogger and doing just fine.