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Making the World Cuter….

Poor little Tiffany….I seriously thought I had already featured her like…….2 years ago.  Making the World Cuter…… She’s been a loyal follower, commenter, twitter friend, FB friend and blogging friend.  I even met her briefly…..A couple of years ago I was helping a friend at the CK convention.  Tiffany came up and told me she reads my blog.  She loves my blog…she thinks I’m a rock star……so I love her.  Tiffany is also from my neck of the woods….Oregon anyway.   We’re practically related.

A couple of weeks ago, she posted a cute burlap craft on my Get Your Craft On Tuesdays……she did it just to make me swoon.  This is such a cute idea and seriously………even a person with minimal or ZERO sewing experience could do this.  Like me.

She is really good at detailed tutorials.  It’s a bit late to start an advent calendar this year, but it would be a great gift.  Or you could just get a jump start on next year.  She shows how to do these numbers very inexpensively.advent calendarShe sewed 24 little burlap stockings.24She adorned them with 4 different colors of ribbon…….The red and brown are my favs.redThen she strung them all together…….could this be any cuter?burlap craftsThis girl’s brain is just bursting with ideas!  Not only does she do about 1000 different crafty crafts……really well I might add………she also has lots of yummy recipes…….and if that wasn’t enough……she also takes amazing photographs and has her own little business right there in Klamath Falls Oregon.  IndaddyshandsHow does she do it all and raise 3 children?T1Yep….she’s either an over achiever or LDS.  One or the other.

I think this next craft is down right brilliant.  And not too difficult….CutupBlocksShe took a bunch of 2x4s.  Had them cut……maybe she cut them?  SandedandSalutingNot sure, but she took the blocks and made educational blocks.  Using a few stickers, paint and mod podge, she was able to create the cutest blocks ever!  Can you imagine making these for your next baby shower?  Full tutorial on her site.PlaceallstickersAnd how many of you have ever made a bean bag chair for a child?  Not me…..She shows another step by step tutorial, walking you through. panelsShe even has me thinking that I could do this……..then I come to my senses.beanbagcompleteYou better sit down for this one.

You know all that amazing stamped silver jewelry that’s out there?  It’s so popular right now.

Well being a thrifty mom, she decided to make her own version.  She bought some inexpensive metal stamps at Harbor Freight , a few washers and made her own.  Pretty good in a pinch I’d say.17        18

Before you run out and buy a few 2x4s and a stamping set……head over and visit Tiffany.  Make sure to look at her top tabs.  That’s where you’ll find her recipes, her family blog with lots of scrapping and her photography.  She’s even got an Etsy shop.  See what I mean?  Over achiever for sure.  :)

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