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Making Your Own Brown Sugar

I was doing a bit of baking this weekend and once again, I was in a pinch for brown sugar and didn’t have enough.  Then I remembered that making your own brown sugar is SIMPLE! I blogged about it way back when. I thought many of you may also need the reminder this time of year. I go through so much brown sugar in the cold months. Between baking and using it in my oatmeal, it’s a hot commodity in our home. Glad to know I can whip up extra when needed.

make your own brown sugar  If you’ve got Molasses and white sugar and a blender, you’re back in business.   And honestly, I like it better. Follow my simple recipe.  I’ve been told by my son that he likes it better.  Probably because the flavor is richer. I love simple substitutes.

How to Make your own Brown Sugar Recipe