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I finally had a little extra time Tuesday morning to click through the many links on Get Your Craft On.  I love the Linky Party I’ve created and how many links are full of amazing ideas. I love giving you all a place to show off your stuff. I love building creative women up, making them feel special, sending them some well deserved attention for the things they deem simple.  I love giving people exposure! That’s what my blog is all about.

I created Get Your Craft On as a way to show case people for free.  I must get 25 emails each week asking if I could mention their blog/site/product. I’m not complaining, it’s just an issue I had no idea I’d have to deal with 4 yrs ago.  I have been incredibly fortunate to have a blog that many love coming to each day.  1/2 was pure luck, 1/2 is a lot of time and hard work. 

Linking up on Get Your Craft On gives you the opportunity to place yourself in front of my readers.  It’s a great opportunity to bring more traffic to your site. You linking your post noting you’re participating in Get Your Craft On is a way for me to also build my readership

I thought this would be a fun way for everyone to get what they want.  But Tuesday morning as I clicked through all the amazing links, I found that most people:

1. Didn’t link at all

There were a LOT of these.  I’d say 4 out of 5 would NOT link up. Please make sure to link back to the link party you are participating in.  It’s a nice Thank you to the host for giving you exposure.  If the button doesn’t work for you, a simple Text Link will.

2. Linked to a “Linking to these parties” page -

I totally get this. I do. I could see myself doing it after seeing others do it.  It is SO much easier.   But it defeats the purpose.  I really doubt many of your readers are going to click on that page and if they do, they are probably not going to click on the buttons.  Maybe I’m wrong.  But it’s a bit lazy…..there I said it. 

3. Buttons displayed on sidebar

This is the best choice out of all of them if you’re not going to link or display the button in your post.  The odds of someone clicking on the button is a bit higher.  But linking in your post is best.

I know!  I’m cranky…..Maybe I’m over sensitive with my baby starting 6th grade…….which is middle school here.  But, I’m going out on a limb here to say that most link party hosts will be screaming an “Amen” to my post. 

Many bloggers have given up on linky parties because of the feeling of being taken advantage of.  I don’t want to be pushed out like that.  My rules are simple.  I’m trying to bring you exposure, but my back is itchy too.

This is a perfect example on how a linky party link should be posted……this is what makes you popular!  :)


Do remember that all comments left are entered in my monthly drawing for a Lisa Leonard Necklace.  See…….I’m nice most the time.




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  1. says

    Now I understand your comment on my post. I had no idea people weren’t adding your button. I’ve seen them in sidebars, as text links, even separate pages.

    I add buttons in each post rather than a sidebar. And I link to a lot of parties each week (if I’ve been busy painting). The reason I do is sidebars tend to get visually busy – and I want the hosts’ buttons to be seen. I can track via Blogger analytics the views I get from whose parties, but I’m not sure if it goes the other way around. Who has the time, anyway.

    I hope people take note and add your button. Parties are a great way to get traffic and it only stands to reason to give back.

    Btw, congrats on the new look and WP. Hope it’s going well for you.

  2. says

    Congrats on your move to WP – you’re braver than me! I’m firmly stuck on blogger. The new design looks great and I love the TCB button. This lady is so crafty. I’m so impressed by her chair recover project.

  3. says

    Gorgeous new site design!!
    Love this post, too. Of course, it makes me freak out and wonder if I have been diligent about linking back. LOL! Okay, just checked. I’m good. Of course, I need to actually participate in more of your parties!! Consider it a back-to-school resolution.

  4. gail says

    I always add your button when I link up. I appreciate you hosting. Hope you’re feeling less grumpy now. I’m confused why this just now showed up in my reader. hmmmm
    have a great day!

  5. Kim @ seven thirty three says

    I can tell you exactly how many people have gone to my Linky Party page and clicked through to your blog:


    I have sent 140 people through my Linky Party page to your blog. I do not click the buttons I have set-up there myself, so those are all people who clicked on it. ;)

    I actually receive many people thanking me for my list because it introduces them to new parties and/or blogs. I also participate in too many parties to link all of my projects to. As a person who hosts two parties a week with decent participation I understand the need to link back and I appreciate each time I see my button on someones blog.

    That’s just my two cents… and it’s ok to be cranky. We still love you and all that you do!

  6. says

    OK, so I didn’t link up but your post warrants a comment. I do use sidebars to add in link buttons rather than in the actual post because if for some reason any of the html code gets erred in some way it can totally mess with your entire blog. I made this mistake ONE time and it took me forever to figure out which one of the many link buttons I had accidentally deleted a ‘>’ on. This way, I don’t have to worry about messing with my formatting or trying to navigate the google search results for ‘why is my blog formatting totally messed up?’ Also even though I’m only linking up to Friday parties, these other blogs get seen on my site every other time I do a post. In the end, I would advise you to relax and if it really bothers you so much that others are not linking back to you then say right in the rules that you want people to post your code directly in their post. That’s the beauty of being a host, you get to make the rules and if people don’t like it then they don’t have to participate.

  7. Cheryl says

    I saw this post after I linked up this week and I get what you’re saying, but it kind of made me feel as though I should remove my link in shame. I host a party myself and it is disappointing when people do not use a button or link to my party in some way. But as long as my party is referenced somewhere, that’s enough for me. In the post, a sidebar or a designated page, whatever. Maybe it’s not ideal, but there is reciprocation & I appreciate that.

    I am one of the “link page lazies” myself, but to be honest (and I hope you don’t hate me for saying this) I can’t really put your button on each post or my sidebar. It’s huge compared to most other buttons & won’t seem to fit in a sidebar without resizing that makes it unreadable. Most people do link to a lot of parties at a time because they don’t have thousands of followers, so if they add every single button to each post the buttons section is bigger than the actual post or they are all shrunk down so small you can’t see what they are anyway.

    Ultimately you’re the host & if having your button on each post is the rule, then those of us who want to link will have to do that, but thought it might be worth mentioning both sides of the equation, so you don’t think all linkers are just taking advantage:)

  8. Tara says

    Hey Kim –

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I appreciate you adding your thoughts to the “debate” of sorts that’s been going on. The first time I ever participated in a link party I added all of these buttons to the bottom of my post, but I found that I would start to add to parties throughout the week as they popped up in my Reader, and I would forget to add each button. I added them as links to my sidebar because the buttons take up so much space (and Cheryl is right – yours is one of the cutest buttons but it doesn’t fit nice and square inside a sidebar). Thanks for hosting!


  9. Mruna says

    I always add buttons at the end of the post for linky parties i’m entering…Infact I add the button first and then link up…

  10. says

    Thanks for this post Kim………you thought = mine and what I have been mentioning to other lately.

    This is my take on it……..I feel like the people who don’t add the link in their post are saying “i don’t have time to link to you every week……..but I do have the time to link MY post up on YOUR site”

    I can see having a page or sidebar that shows all the parties you link to ……….but I think if you are linking a post to a party on another site, YOUR post should also include a link to that site as a courtesy. I no longer add everyone’s buttons, but I do link to them. And I limit how many parties I link one post up to. And I usually link to the same parties, so I just go to an older post and copy and paste the links to my new post…….not any trouble really.

    Glad to see I’m not the only one with this pet peeve

  11. says

    Im guiltyBUT THE REASON IS alot of times I use past projects that apply instead of putting up a project that day. (link to a past post) but I do have you all over my blog and send you lots and lots of peeeps Im sorry I will do better I promise! you can beat me with wet noodles

  12. says

    Oh well, it’s your party and you can do what you want! Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to link my projects up to your party. I have your button in a sidebar, and I have a “linked to” page. I’m one of the ones breaking all the rules, but when it takes me hours upon hours to complete a project, photograph it, and blog about it, I can’t add everyones buttons to every post, its just not going to happen. I don’t receive any monetary compensation for my blog, it’s just a labor of love, so I have to do what I’m going to do.

  13. Claire says

    I’m stilling learning at of the “how to’s” about blogging, linking, etc. Thanks for the information.