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Mod Podge


Amy over at Mod Podge Rocks is haunting my brain. She is. You see, I secretly want to mod podge everything……well everything I can’t or won’t paint. For some reason, I have this mental block making me think it’s too difficult. I’ve done a little here and a little there……..I even have jars of Mod Podge in my craft room. Both matte and glossy……I have good intentions. It’s time to get over myself and get the projects that have been swimming around my feeble mind DONE!

Amy’s site is all about Decoupage. Not all photos are her work, she features other mod podge work….so yes, I am aware that not all photos are her creativeness……..but that doesn’t mean I am going to research and post who’s is who’s………..seriously, you must think I have a ton of time……..but I did get the floors mopped this week.

I bought an old dresser for my son at a garage sale a few years ago…..only the best for my baby. I painted it blue to match his baby room (the baby room that had puppy paw prints around the edge of the hard wood floor we painted a barn red….still kicking myself for not having a decent photo of that……and this was before pottery barn had their puppy theme) and now that his room is an Explorer theme………it’s still blue, the dresser…..doesn’t really go at all. I have all these old vintage maps………decoupageI figure I need to mod podge them all over this dresser…….wouldn’t that look cool? I better get it done before he’s in high school. I know I can do it with Amy’s help. She has many many projects with directions on how to decoupage paper or even fabric onto furniture. So cool! 006deccoupage I can hear your mind churning now.

The other project that I have put off for about 5 yrs now is re-doing my switch plates. I’m way too cheep to buy fancy ones……and I haven’t really seen any I like……..I want a black and creme harlequin print to cover them in. Wouldn’t that be cute? She’s got the link or tutorial on her site……I’m gonna need it.3497075049_c3bc202a33_oHere’s a GREAT idea to keep the kids busy. Art at it’s best. This art piece below is made out of labels. So not only are they being artistic, but they are recycling…..seeing the beauty out of garbage. Plus it will keep them busy……..great summer project for those older kiddos.3443659356_ecbcf85ba5_mThis isn’t her studio………is it yours? But she shows how easy it is to make a quick craft space. Of course the top of this table is decoupaged……yes it is.

BEFORE-PB150048AFTER – PB150062 Great space to get crafty.

Amy has many many ideas to ignite your creativity. Don’t be afraid.